Thesis – A thesis is a statement that helps you convey your intentions to the reader. By a thesis statement, the writer gives a clue of his entire paper to the reader. Thesis is always written in an argumentative from. A persuasive essay is more like a thesis. A vivid differentiation between a research project and a recurrent telling of events and facts is the result of a good thesis statement. The thesis statement is located in the first paragraph which acts as the context of the entire writing. Academic essay readers judge writings even before they have gone through the entire essay, on the basis of the thesis statement.

Dissertation- A dissertation or a dissertation paper is written mainly for academic purpose. It is written in the form of a long essay. For getting any university degree or diploma one must prepare a dissertation. It is a final year project that differs from other projects. The subject of dissertation depends on the choice of the writer. The dissertation is the demonstration of the writer’s knowledge of a particular subject. It gives a thorough examination of the chosen topic.
In UK, a dissertation is written after the completion of a master’s degree whereas a thesis is written during a doctoral study.

What Is A Thesis Paper For?

Steps Involved In Writing A Thesis Paper- By EssayCorp
Format Of A Thesis Paper

A thesis paper is the elaboration of the thesis statement. It showcases a person’s expertise on a particular subject. The thesis paper is to be written following a particular format that is,

Introduction – The introduction in a thesis paper tells about the topic of the thesis and why is the topic significant enough to write a thesis on. The introduction gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the entire thesis.

Methodology – The methodology explains the way of exploring the research questions by the writer. There are interviews taken by some writers for writing thesis. Questions and answers from those interviews are often mentioned in the methodology.

Literature Review – The literature review includes the minority and popular questions from the research questionnaire. It gives the readers a background of the research question. It is mandatory to have a literature review section in a thesis.

Body – The body contains many analytical sections which gives elaborated answers to questions written in the previous sections.

Conclusion :

The conclusion gives closure to the thesis and summarises the major findings of the entire paper.

What Is A Thesis In Research?

There is not much difference between a research thesis and a non- research thesis. No matter how hard we do our research by gathering the best possible evidences and information, the ideas of the thesis has to be our own. We need to put our own way of thinking and examination. There are students who do research that are a lot more than what is required regardless of how irrelevant it is. But that is strictly forbidden in thesis writing. The main focus should be on your own construction of the thesis paper.

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Formulation Of The Thesis Statement

How Do You Write A Thesis Statement?

The formulation of the thesis statement is the trickiest part when writing any essay or dissertation writing. A thesis statement is the representation of the entire paper in one or two lines.

Understand the expectation of your reader

It is important to know your reader in order to create an impression though your writing. For instance, if the reader is to be your professor you would know how he likes the format and explanation to be.

Question answer format

Start your thesis by making the thesis statement a question and the entire paper the answer.


Decide what you are going to present through your thesis. What kind of writing it is going to be. It can be argumentative, analytical or expository. Choose a topic that you understand. You should write arguments that you are confident about.

Formation of the thesis statement

Write your thesis statement in an accurate way and it should match your entire paper. The placement of the thesis statement should be correct. It usually comes at the end of the introductory paragraph. Don’t stretch the thesis statement more than one or two sentences.

Thesis And Dissertation Difference

The main difference between the thesis and dissertation is, a thesis is usually written at the completion of a master’s program whereas the dissertation is written during a doctoral study. Both the writings serve different purposes. A thesis is the evidence of your knowledge of a specific subject whereas the dissertation is a chance to add some new knowledge during a doctorate program. It is important to have a good thesis statement for a better explanation of your paper. The master’s thesis is written on a topic that the students get familiar with while doing research during their graduate programs while in the case of dissertation, the research that is already done by others, is used in coming up with new concepts and theories.

Writing a thesis or a dissertation is not something that you get to do as your regular college work or assignments. There are very few who get to choose a topic they have been waiting for to write on. Hence, when you are on the verge of getting to write a thesis or a dissertation, start your research for a satisfactory result.

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