Top 5 Needs of Healthcare Management

healthcare management

Healthcare management is the profession wherein you are responsible for taking care of the administration and management activities of the healthcare sector. These professionals are not directly involved in patient caretaking. Instead, ensure the smooth functioning of the whole organization to provide the best services to patients.

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Now, gets back to the topic. Healthcare managers are primarily responsible for observing and synchronizing all tasks and activities that take place in a hospital or any healthcare center. They neither assist any surgeon or medical practitioner in their work directly nor are engaged in direct patient care. Instead, their job is to look after the administration, like the availability of necessary tools and medicines, maintenance of service quality, etc.

Why Healthcare Management is Important

Initially, doctors and other healthcare professionals were able to take care of administration and management at their premises. But as the healthcare industry went through technological developments, the need for professional healthcare managers arose. Also, the increasing burden of the population on the health sector has made it crucial to hire professionals to manage administration. To understand the necessity of healthcare management, you can go through the following points:

  • Quality Maintenance: The first job of a healthcare management professional is to maintain the quality of healthcare services that they are offering. They have to ensure the availability of necessary medicines and medical tools and keep the machines and computers well-maintained and regularly serviced to smoothly serve the needy.

  • HR Management: Healthcare managers are the primary administrators who manage the whole human resource system in a healthcare organization. From the joining of employees to salary making to their superannuation, all the related aspects are managed by these professionals.

  • Accounts and Finance: It is also the responsibility of healthcare management to maintain the accounts of revenues and expenses of the organization. The whole financial system of the healthcare firm is the responsibility of funds and finance managers.

  • Marketing Management: Almost all business firms have to promote themselves to have a large market share and a strong customer base. This is possible only if they have a well-trained marketing team. In today’s world, healthcare organizations too need such a management team to have enough market share and customer support.

  • Planning and Evaluation: For all the hospitals and healthcare centers, it is important to gather the patients’ feedback and form their future strategies accordingly. This is important for health sector organizations to provide better services at minimum cost with the aim of achieving the highest profit.

Why One Should Choose Healthcare

The field of healthcare offers great opportunities to aspirants. The domain provides a financially secure future with a respectable position in society for healthcare professionals. Besides that, it also offers chances to travel the world with the job itself. To properly understand why you should opt for healthcare management, read the following points:

  • Increasing Job Opportunities: Job options were already increasing in the healthcare sector for a long time. This trend has been exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has unveiled numerous defects in healthcare, including the lack of a trained workforce. 

  • High Salary and Other Benefits: The average annual salary of a healthcare professional in the USA is around $53,082, which translates to $25.52 for every hour. Besides that, you will be given paid leaves, payment for overtime, maternity leaves, etc. Although, these benefits vary from country to country and region to region.

  • Opportunity to Travel: A healthcare nurse can work with multinational Companies (MNCs) and even with the United Nations with their different missions and projects. This provides them with opportunities to travel around the world along with their jobs. 

  • Compassion for Others: Not everything is material in nursing. It has some humanitarian aspects too. While working in the healthcare field, you felt compassion for people and their families. The faces of patients and their family members looking at you with hope will make you feel enthusiastic about your work. You will not just enjoy your work but will fall in love with it.

Healthcare Management Course Subjects and Topics

The students of healthcare management study various subjects related to both science and management. In science, their main focus is put on Biology, especially human biology, while in Management, they focus primarily on HR Management, Finance Management, and similar administrative fields. Some of the critical but fundamental subjects and topics of healthcare management are as follows:

  • Healthcare Policies and Regulations

  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration

  • Organization of Hospitals

  • Disease Control Management

  • Medical-Legal Issues

  • Conflict management

  • Epidemiology

  • Principles of Management

  • Healthcare Economics

  • Information Management

  • Anatomy

  • Healthcare Planning

  • Physiology

  • Hospital Enterprises Management

  • Medical terminologies

The list is not exhaustive as the domain of healthcare management has two vast subjects, viz., health, and management, within it. The above-given list is merely indicative.

Universities for Healthcare Management

The field of healthcare is taught extensively throughout the world. There are hundreds of thousands of universities where you can enroll and learn about healthcare, medicine, nursing, and other related domains. As per the QS University Rankings, the top 10 universities to study medicine are as follows:

  • Harvard University; The USA

  • Oxford University; The UK

  • Stanford University; The USA

  • John Hopkins University; the USA

  • University of Cambridge: The UK

  • UCL; The UK

  • Karolinska Institutet; Sweden

  • Imperial College London; The UK

  • University of California- Los Angeles; The USA

  • University of California- San Francisco; The USA

Healthcare Management Assignment

The field of healthcare management, as we have understood by far, is extensively vast. Therefore, students have to study hard and prove themselves in front of professors and universities. For this, they have to write lengthy healthcare assessments. These academic works help students to gain practical knowledge about the field and make it easy for teachers to evaluate students’ knowledge of the subject.

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The field of healthcare management is evolving with leaps and bounds. With the advent of new technologies like AutoCAD, Big Data, AI Bots, etc. this domain is going to help and support a lot of people in the near future. You can also become a part of it by joining any healthcare management courses in any of the prominent universities.

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