What Does The Word Architecture Mean?

What Does The Word Architecture Mean?

What is Architecture all about? Architecture is the amalgamation of business, science, mathematics and technology. It is the job of an architect. Architecture is the practice of constructing and designing buildings. It is the result of an artful science and deals with the constructional form of art. Architecture is considered to be the highest quality of design. It is the art that bridges humanities with sciences. It is something that from age to age and generation to generation proceeds towards a positive growth. The origination of Architecture has contributed to the advancement and modernity to our society. Architecture although has been changed with the growing demand for uniqueness.

Buildings and other constructions such as roads, bridges, metro stations etc. are fundamental to the lives of humans and societies. The meaning of design in architecture refers to the planning of construction of any road, building or multiplex. The modern architecture has made our lives much easier.

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What Do You Need To Know To Be An Architect?

An Architect is a person, who has the passion and love for the creation of functional places where people can live, play, eat, shop etc. For becoming an architect, one has to pursue acedemic architecture. An Architect has to work on projects as small as a two bedroom flat to an entire neighborhood, college campuses, hospital etc. keeping in mind the requirements and preference of the clients who will be using them later.

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Things You Need To Know, To Be An Architect.

Creativity and imagination is a must have for the architects. No doubts that an architect has to design places according to the client’s needs and requirements, but adding his own creativity and suggesting better and useful ideas in every project is one of his duties.

The duties of an architect does not only concern planning and designing. Keeping in mind the public safety, when he works on any project is the most significant aspect. The accidents on roads that we hear of or encounter have a lot to do with their architecture. Not only on roads, but the safety of buildings that we live in or work in depends so much on its architecture. When the architects are given licence of their job, they are expected to keep the safety of people on priority.

There Are Three Main Roles Of An Architect:

  • Design – The meaning of design in Architecture is to form the idea, imagination and concept that the client wants to transform into reality. This role comes with a lot of technical and creative responsibility for the architect.
  • Documentation – The documentation is the process of recording the designs, ideas and plans into a paper through drawings and technology such as CAD (Computer Aided Design). This stage becomes frantic for the architects because it comes with redrawing and revision according to the client’s shift in preferences.  
  • Construction – The third step is the construction which the architect has to visit, oversee, deal with contractors, approve and sign off pieces of work and give solution to problems that may arise.



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    Three Main Roles Of An Architect

So, the definition for Architecture is the transformation of designs, plans, ideas and concepts into reality by people working in its field called architects. Sustainable designs are what the main social responsibility of an architect.

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