UK University students are combating hard to keep pace with their rent payments resulting in expulsion and they are unable to pay their house debts. Last year nearly 17,300 students failed to pay their rents on time which resulted in eviction and  finishing off tenancies. Dispossession figures jumped from 40 the previous year to 97 last year as per the data obtained from UK’s 90 universities. The average rent university surveyed is GBP 5,208 a year in 2016-17, increasing 13.6 percent from GBP 4,583 a year in 2012-13.


According to a related source it’s been said that, this is not a shocking thing at all “given our broken system of student financial support which doesn’t even begin to cover the ever-increasing cost of basic accommodation”.  The source further clarifies the case should not be taken as general rent avoidance, rather the government and higher education sector should come out of the false dilemma and virtual world along with a sight of reality that students are being charged too much in the name of tenancy and education. Monetary suffering is rising among the students and according to a report, UK students are striving and struggling a lot to arrange even the basic essentials like groceries, travel expenses and study material like books and other general necessities.

Universities Topping the List of Leading Rent Arrears

Brunel, York, Leicester, Leeds and Warwick are the universities that has leading number of students in rent arrears. According to Warwick University their hovering arrears are because of   accommodating  a  vast and large number of students rather than other universities. Warwick University is also a campus university that gest on with its own settlement and accommodation. According to York University’s spokesperson, The University of York administers the greater part or we can say more than half of its students compliance  and accommodation contrary to those institutions and universities which bond a large part of its services outside , so observing comparisons and parallels is a bit difficult task.

Brunel University London has a monetary recommendation and counseling to aid students to aim their expenditure and remedies for out of budget students. Brunel University said no student had been asked to leave. According to the Department for Education the students who commenced their course this year and belongs to bottom income family, have open doors to the cash in hand support for lively expense. The UK students who belong to the bottom and least income household, the government has come up with expanded and marked up means tested maintenance support. It has been increased by 10.3 percent in 2016-17 compared with ex reward ships and loan package along with a hike in both 2017-18 and 2018-19.

If this situation sticks around, it would be a difficult task for the UK students to cope up with these issues without hampering their studies. The UK Government must take some effective measures to settle down the issue as early as possible.

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