MBA is considered to be the most looked up to programme. The MBA selection process follows a stringent path which demands a lot of hard-work from the students. Applying for the top schools and colleges for MBA admission is a complex ordeal. Student needs to go through several rounds and tests to prove his/her skills and knowledge. Essay writing is also a major requirement during the selection process that is needed to be fulfilled by the students. To carry on with effective essay writing student must be familiar about the apprehension and meaning of an essay.

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What is an Essay?

An essay can be defined as a piece of academic writing generally from a writer’s point of view. An essay is considered to be a methodized compilation of ideas. An essay can be written on any real or imaginary experience, idea of a writer. It represents the attitude and perspective of an author on a particular topic. Nowadays the essays have become a major as well as crucial part of a student’s academic voyage. There are numerous types of essays that a student can write.

Different Types of Essays

  • Argumentative Essay – An argumentative essay is that genre of essay writing which demands the student to analyze and investigate a particular topic to represent that the ideas you represented about a certain phenomenon are correct. An argumentative essay writer must have his/her strong opinion supporting the represented ideas and arguments.
  • Autobiographical Essay – An autobiographical essay can be defined as a brief depiction of the writer’s personal life. It represents the major aspects of an author’s own, educational, social and professional life.
  • Biographical Essay – A biographical essay is basically an autobiography of a particular person written by someone else that is why it is named as biographical essay.
  • Descriptive Essay – A descriptive essay is that genre of essay writing that represents thorough and comprehensive description regarding a certain topic like person, place, or any incident.
  • Narrative Essay – A narrative essay can be described as a type of essay that is used to narrate and unfold a course of events. One can easily share their experiences and ideas by exercising this particular form of essay.
  • Persuasive Essay – Persuasive essay is a type of essay which is used by the writer to convince and persuade the ultimate readers to believe in his/her opinion and point of view regarding a particular topic.

General Format of an Essay

It is crucial to organize an essay in a proper format so that it becomes easy to understand and apprehend by the ultimate readers.

  • An Introduction – The introduction of an essay must be the impressive and eye catching part of the whole essay. It must clarify the topic and opinion of writing on a particular subject. The introductory part should be effective enough to grab the attention of the readers in just a glance.
  • The Body Paragraphs – A general essay usually contains three body paragraphs. Body paragraph is considered to be the backbone of an essay. The whole ideas, arguments, information are assembled in the body paragraphs of an essay. These paragraphs comprise all the details and major informative part of essay which are considered to be the most important. The required facts, research and analysis are amalgamated together to outline an effective body of an essay.
  • The Conclusion – A proper and appropriate conclusion of an essay must wrap up all the arguments, ideas, facts and analysis. There must not be anything new introduced in the concluding paragraph. The readers must be satisfied with the ending paragraph.

Tips for Writing an Effective Essay

An impressive and effective essay can be written easily by acquiring some beneficial tips such as:

  • Pick a topic that interests you. In this way you can write your heart out without bothering about certain research and references to include.
  • Give an impressive title to your essay so that the readers get a quick glimpse of the idea and work you provided in the later sections of that particular essay. The title must generate a sense of curiosity among the readers.
  • Pay attention to the introductory paragraph as it serves the most crucial idea or we can say the theme of your essay.
  • Use a formal language throughout the essay. Avoid using informal language and slangs as it impacts the quality of an effective essay.
  • Proofread your essay several times to eradicate any errors.
  • Edit the essay if required.
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