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Tips for Learning Java Programming

Java always retains its top rank amongst the most sought after software courses that any budding programmer intends to learn. It contains many functionalities and concepts that lay the foundation for understanding many other software languages. Being an Object Oriented Programming champ (though C++ is the mother of OOP!) Java is an ever hot programming language.

The secret is simple – Java has a unique approach to perform efficient problem solving, in a simple yet top-notch manner. In fact, learning Java is never a full-stop process. Either you are a professional in Java or an aspiring software enthusiast, Java always intrigues you and keeps you lingering for more in its learning.

This blog post tells how to learn Java programming in easy to do and follow tips and tricks.

Start from Basics

No basics, no advanced – It is that simple. Though Java is developed on the OOP concept of C++, it has a lot more to delve into. Never be in a hurry to directly step into sample programming; you will end up disappointed more.

You should first learn the syntaxes, concepts, and functionalities of each and every term related to programming in Java, if you want to become an expert in its programming or to ace you Java assignment.

Understand why and how Java utilises frameworks, databases, connections, objects, interfaces, wrapper classes, strings, primitive classes, – the list is endless. Gain a solid knowledge on such basics first.

Programming is not reading

Have you purchased as many standard textbooks as possible to learn Java perfectly? Is your book shelf full of Java programming books? Well done! But sorry to say that learning programming never means only ‘reading’ books.

You need to practice. Period. There is no other way you become an expert in programming. Learn the concepts of Java from standard 2-3 books and then start practicing them. By practicing, we mean writing the code related to those concepts and checking your understanding. Did the code execute correctly with the desired output? Congrats, you are ready to move on to the next concept!

Evolve and Arise

When you intend to learn Java programming, evolve from your previous knowledge levels. If you have knowledge in C or C++, you should tune yourself to adapt to learning and using Java concepts in a Java way.

You should question and observe how are the concepts of abstraction, encapsulation and other such OOP functionalities different in Java compared to C++ – syntactically, methodically, or any other way? Probe into such aspects more.

You may come across situations where in you may be tempted to go back to C or C++ code involuntarily owing to the tuning of your brain to these subjects. But yes, you should Java problems in Java way. This may be hard in the beginning, but trust us, you will thank us later on!

Start with Standard Libraries

Java is the most lovable among programmers’ world because of its vast innate libraries available. Start your learning with standard libraries and gain enough confidence on using all the methods in your code at various times.

Create Your Own Challenges

After having done with a good bulk of Java concepts, why not you create your own java assignment and try the solution through coding? Visualize a real time scenario, create a problem, write the algorithm, develop a code in Java and solve it. Successful? Well done. Repeat the same for more complex problems and you are good to step into Java programmers’ tribe pretty soon!

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Remember, in the programming world it is better to struggle during learning phase and gain confidence, than to enter the programming role with half knowledge and repent later!

Peers are for a purpose

Learning is never complete unless you check your knowledge with your peers. For this, you can make use of online forums, groups, blogs and other resources where you can interact with other Java enthusiasts, and learn how to solve various programming challenges in Java in a better way. This will speedup your process of learning and help you to gain more confidence faster. For this, you should remember to dig into well renowned resources and groups so that your time is well used of.

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