Meaning of Java

Java can be described as a language of computer programming. It is a computing arch that was announced and declared in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. This programming language was designed to sense the simpler demeanor of C++. It administers a stock adapting model of programming. Java can be taken into account to constitute outright applications that can manage to serve single computer as well as networks and servers too.

Introduction to Java Programming

Java programming facilitates programmers to pen down the computer information and groundings by applying commands in English rather than using numeric forms. The language of java programming is considered as hovering level as it is capable to be read and optimize by humans. Java can also be implemented to frame short and precise module of application. There are numerous websites and applications that will be unable to facilitate without java installation. Java contains set of rules that persuades the guidelines for writing known as syntax. The usage of java can be seen far and wide in technologies like laptop, computer, mobile, gaming etc.

Key principles of Java

  • Objected Oriented – In java programming everything is a countenance and as it is based on object illustrative it can be extended readily.
  • Uncomplicated – Java is devised to be smooth to learn and adapt.
  • Protected and Secured – Java contains protected and shielded features which make it impossible for the viruses and unauthorized access to enter the program.
  • Easily Conveyable – Java is said to be architecture-inert which makes it very convenient to be port.
  • Multithreaded – It is conceivable to engross programs that can exercise numerous tasks together. It helps the developers to construct smooth applications.
  • Easy to Interpret – The development proceeding is more swift and logical as the joining is cumulative and light operation.
  • Dynamic – Java is more compelling than C or C++. Java listings can carry considerable amount of information which can be taken into account to double check and resolve admittance of objects.

Java Programming Project

List of Java Programs

Listed below java programs that help to learn programming language of Java:

  • Hello World
  • If Else
  • For Loop While Loop
  • Swapping
  • Enhanced For Loop
  • Java Exception Handling Tutorial
  • Largest Of Three Integers
  • Palindrome
  • Print Alphabets
  • Print Multiplication Table
  • Addition
  • Find Odd/Even
  • Java Method
  • Static Method
  • Static Block
  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search
  • Transpose Matrix
  • Bubble Sort
  • Open Notepad

Why Java is Platform Independent?

Java is known to be platform independent as it is divergent from other programming languages like C and C++ etc. A platform is the aura of software and hardware within which a program expands and runs. Programming languages like C and C++ are assembled into platform limited machines. On the other hand Java is a write a single time and scamper anywhere type of programming language. Java administers software based platforms.

There are mainly two types of platform on which a program runs which are:

  • Software Based Platforms
  • Hardware Based Platforms

The java platform varies from many other platforms in a way that it is a software oriented platform that scampers on the crowning of alternate hardware based platforms.

Java programming consists of two main integrals:

  • Runtime Environment
  • Application Programming Interface

Code of Java is capable to be run on assorted platforms, for example: Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows, Mac, OS etc. The Java code is composed by the compiler and reformed into bytecode. This type of bytecode is authentically unconstrained of platform codes as it can be carried on multiple platforms.

Why Java is Secure?

Java is fetching over $ 100 billion of business every year. There is definitely no curbing that there is an large scale and pervasive usage of Java applications and the much considered reason is security assurance. Java leads numerous outstanding features that cannot be overlooked and other programming languages lack these features.

Security Model of Java – Security and surveillance is no doubt a significant facet of java programming language. It is considered to be the most trustful platform for application developers. Security tends to be condemning when the software is initialized beyond all networks. Java effortlessly subdues the security issues related to applications and operations. The security model of java is commended in order to shield and harbor users from unauthorized and untrusted network resources.

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Java VS Other Programming Languages

Java is one of the most famous and leading programming language and it is generally taken into account to contrive and form computer applications and web portals etc.

Contrast between Java and C++

Java was primarily originated from C++. It was chiefly derived to stretch the C programming language and for system programming. Comparatively java is gradual than C++ programming language. Standard libraries of C++ are simple and potent whereas the libraries of java are compelling cross-platform.

Contrast between Ruby Programming Language and Java

Ruby and Java programming language both are object-oriented. Sites with huge traffic use Java rather than Ruby. The machine codes of java exercises much faster than that of interpreted code of Ruby.

Python VS Java

Python is known as the absolute supporting object-oriented form of programing while Java is not a fully object-oriented language. Python associates system peripherals and java is defined as ground-level pursuit language. Java programs are longer than python programs.

Advantages of using Java

Java has attained prominent popularity from the time it has been introduced. Java composes powerful and compelling favors over rest of the programming languages. Java is simple to learn and access. Java compliments almost all kinds of applications. Java entitles smooth portability as compared to other programming language. Java has emerged as a language of major choice in furnishing solutions and answers to worldwide internet.

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