How to Write a Detailed Assignment on Business Ethics?

Assignment on Business Ethics

Management scholars study business ethics as part of their curriculum. To become a successful professional, a scholar must learn this subject to understand the moral ethics followed in the corporate world.

Assignments are part and parcel of a college student's life. Educators assign students business ethics assignments to evaluate their familiarity with the subject. 

In every business, some legalities and ethics are involved. There are specific guidelines and rules enforced by law that come under the legalities. At the same time, some ethics are followed in an organization as a standard code of conduct.

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5 Important Topics to Draft a Business Ethics Assignment

  • Discrimination in the Workplace

There are several parameters on which discrimination happens in the workplace. Some organizations axe old employees, citing their age. They tend to hire young people as they believe that after a certain period, a person is tired and unfit for the job.

This kind of behavior is highly unacceptable and unethical. Then there are other instances where some companies discriminate based on gender. They pay low salaries to female employees as compared to male employees. 

These firms need to provide a secure environment to their employees, and there is uncertainty in the environment of such organizations.

  • Information Privacy

Most organizations ask their employees to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Under which an employee affirms that they will not disclose any confidential information outside the organization.

But do such organizations also keep employees' information secured? That is a significant question. An employer must not disclose an employee's personal information to any third party.

  • Importance of CSR in an Organization

Some organizations follow Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR to give back the society. They form a trust or foundations, which are charitable. 

Through this, companies teach moral values. Firms organize different activities for their social cause. Some are inclined towards environmental protection, while others aim to eradicate hunger.

Through CSR activities, companies do their part for society. 

  • Accountability for actions

Professionals should be accountable for their actions, whether employees or employers can be held responsible for their efforts. There is a liability on the shoulder of a professional. 

Specific guidelines for professionals are deemed to be followed under ethical practices. They should accept responsibility and be answerable for all their assigned job and professional behavior. 

  • Health and Safety at the Workplace

An employee is considered an asset to the organization. Their health and safety are the responsibility of the organization. In case of any health issue, the company should provide medical assistance to their employee.

An office should offer a safe space for its workers. Strict actions should be taken in case of any harassment or other safety-related concern.

These topics can be used to write detailed business ethics assignments. 

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