This first step to dissertation writing deals with the selection of its topic. It is considered as an important part of the entire dissertation writing process thus demands a lot of intelligence and application of logic on the part of students. Selecting an interesting topic which is scalable, original, and solvable is of extreme importance and must be given thought research before taking a final call.

Six Tips to Find a Dissertation Idea

It is important that the topic selected have adequate available facts to support the entire content that stretched up to 500 pages sometimes. The topic must stick to the ground facts and must invite reads and re-reads from the evaporators. For this, below given 6 prime methods are quite helpful in discovering a perfect dissertation idea for your next set of work:

    • Go with an Interesting Topic: This aspect deals with the idea that the chosen topic must be of great interest to the targeted readers as well as to you. Selecting a topic that tires your eyes or mind will help you take the job in studying and writing with great enthusiasm. Hasty and rushed selection of topic often increases the chances of either switching to some other topic or leaving the dissertation unfinished.
    • Solvable and Scalable Topic: Apart from the assessing the topic on the basis of interest, it is important that the topic has a great scope of getting solved. Don’t stick to topic which is either too simple / narrow or too complex / broad. Remember that you only have a few days to know all about the topic and you have a deadline to meet. The topic mustn’t direct you to procedures which are complex, time consuming and lengthy. Make sure that the research related to the topic can be settled without much fuss within the set time frame.
    • Unusual Subject: Picking up any idea that is new and has a lot of scope to be explained and supported is unarguably the best choice for any dissertation. Bring a new research angle to the table and impress the committee with your newborn subject.
    • Be organized: In the process of selecting an idea, it is crucial to collate all your resources in a file and keep the data structured. This will help you know what topic can be picked and completed from the available data and resources. It also keeps your thoughts structured; assist in gathering articles / references / citations that are going to stand by the chosen topic. Also include matter that is derived from interviewing other pupils about what dissertation methodology can be followed, how to structure it, and best way to work on the formats. All this information in the form of notes and organized documents will help you at the time of writing the dissertation.
    • Work Around your Master’s Thesis: Taking into consideration the Masters Thesis and expanding it as a dissertation topic will turn out to be a great time saver since it hands over the structured content.
    • Learn to Relax:  Last but not the least, always go with a topic that gives you the scope to relax. You needn’t compete with someone who is an SME in that topic. Don’t indulge yourself in complex documents which can only be understood by specialists in that discipline.

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