SEPSIS: Every Second Counts

SEPSIS: Every Second Counts

Sepsis is the conclusion of a complex immune reaction to the certain bacterial infection which abducts deep into the blood. It generally results in failure of the organ. It can simply be understood as the development of a deadly condition because of certain infection in body. It is a deadly disease caused by a reaction on immune due to an infection. As we all know that a body’s immune system safeguards us from numerous diseases and infections. Sepsis takes place when the chemical in the immune system enters inside the blood streams to fight with the infection but results in swollen body. Septic shock tends to occur in case of severe sepsis and it calls for an emergency medical situation.

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Stage of Sepsis

  • Sepsis – It is the first stage of this lethal disease. It is a deadly medical condition which occurs because of the response of the distilled immune system approaching an infection in a human body.
  • Severe Sepsis – Severe sepsis is the second and more dangerous stage of sepsis. It is that particular stage in sepsis infection which causes inferior organ functioning and abnormalities related to hypo-tension. It results in affecting and impacting the flow of blood. This is a lethal stage which gives rise to septic shock.
  • Septic Shock – It is the third and most fatal condition. This medical condition is known as septic shock as it evolved through bacterial infection.

Symptoms of Sepsis

The signs and symptoms of Sepsis can be tricky to track and analyze. The related symptoms of sepsis are:

  • Fever and low temperature can be observed in a person who is suffering from sepsis.
  • A person with sepsis can be seen with rapid breathing. The heartbeat of a person tends to accelerate.
  • The patients with sepsis can generally have lower blood pressure.
  • They may also have chilling sensation and massive shaking.
  • In some cases of sepsis, people can have rashes on their skin; it may be red or bluish in color.
  • Lower frequency of passing urine because of poor kidney perfusion.
  • The joints of knee, elbow, ankles and wrists suffer severe pain. Patients with sepsis may go through these conditions.
  • Feeling of dizziness can also take place in the sepsis patients.
  • They may also suffer with the conditions like agitation, and disorientation etc.

One must pay keen observation to these symptoms and call for medical help in order to combat this disease before it harms you severely. Doctor’s consultation is a must in case you observe symptoms like these.

However, the symptoms in infants and children may vary. Some of these symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Excessive and repeated vomiting.
  • Not taking the feed.
  • Restricted frequency of urine for several hours.
  • Some infants or children may suffer fits.
  • Discolored skin and rashes on skin.
  • Fever

Parents must seek immediate medical help for their children and infants in these above mentioned cases and symptoms.

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