Contemporary Nursing Issues in Health Care

Contemporary Nursing Issues in Health Care

Due to their dedication to providing care to diseased persons, nursing professionals are considered the noblest beings. But in the present day scenario, nurses face various issues while working in health care centres.

Issues Faced by Nursing Professionals on Regular Basis Include:


  • Lack of respect – It is one of the major concerns for present-day nurses as a lack of gratitude is experienced by nurses from all the concerned persons like doctors, patients and hospital staff. Cases of physical and verbal abuse are also one part of this issue. They also have to face the anger of customers unsatisfied with the care. Also, due to language and cultural differences, nurses face problems communicating with patients.
  • Health hazardsNurses are those members of the health care professionals who are exposed to dangerous chemicals and other apparatus like used syringed, bandages etc. These increase the risk of the transfer of infections from patients. Also, radiation from some medical devices can result in fatal diseases to the nurses.
  • Fewer salaries – Despite and difficult job of the nurses in the healthcare centres, they are paid less than they deserve. Due to this, various individuals take less interest in entering the nursing profession.
  • Long working hours – While working as a nurse in hospitals, nurses have to dedicate extra hours than the average shifts. Also, nurses sometimes work odd times like night shifts, holidays, early morning shifts, etc. Due to this, nursing professionals are unable to keep a balance between their personal and professional life.
  • Technology issues – Nurses must cope with the changing technology as most treatment procedures in big hospitals arouse high-end electronic equipment. Also, databases and documentation are computerized, which may result in nurses' lack of computer proficiency. The innovation of new drugs that doctors use to treat patients may also hinder nurses.

Assignments in Nursing Course:

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Governments, hospitals and patients must realize the hard work and dedication shown by the nurses and should support the nursing professionals in coping with these issues.

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