What Role Does The Computer Technology Play In Society Today?

The Computer Technology Play In Society

We cannot think of a single day of our lives in today’s world that has achieved such modernity without computers. Computers play a significant role in making our lives easier and are considered the one-stop solution for all our problems. We always think about switching the computers on and finding answers to our difficulties irrespective of how meagre they might be; similarly, in our offices, the work stops if computers stop working. Computers in society today have become a basic need not only for adults but for the children of this generation as well. They, too, are aware of the importance of computers. Be their school projects or examinations, computers play a vital role in making academics easier.

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Computers In Society Today- A Basic Need

Social Impact Of Computer :

Computers have made our social lives much more accessible. Earlier, there were few sources of connection to our friends and family living afar. Letters were the most used medium back then. But, ever since computers came into existence, people have been able to connect to their family and friends through social media and different mobile applications. Our loved ones are just a message away now, no matter how far from us they might be physical. Besides messaging, computers have also made it possible for us to see each other and converse through video calls.  

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Social Impact Of Computers On Our Lives

But, just like any other technology, social media has consequences too. Sometimes, harmful enough to ruin one’s life. People we meet through social media are not always or ever to be trusted other than those we know personally. Our personal information, including pictures, residential address, official address and phone numbers, should never be shared on social media. People often find friends to share their agony with on social media; yes, we all need a friend to share all that is bothering us with someone, but why should we choose some random person? Some people can take advantage of our weaknesses. Crime in our society is given a massive uplift through social media.

Not only crime but also affects our health, relationships, studies and work. Addiction to social media leaves all these negative impacts on our lives. We treat social media as the most important daily life business, whereas the only purpose it should serve is to keep in touch with loved ones and long-lost friends.

Positive Impact Of Computer :

Let’s look at some of the positive impacts of computers on society

Computer Technology
Positive Impact Of Computers On Our Society
  • The academic system has changed since computers came into existence. New and advanced techniques have been implemented for teaching. The students also find the computers iced and significant for helping them crack complex topics and problems.
  • Computers help people avail of work-from-home jobs who cannot go out, like people with physical ailments or disabilities, mothers with infant babies, the elderly or just regular people reluctant to go out.
  • Days are gone when people had to wait in queues to apply for jobs, examinations and other personal documents like ID cards, pan cards, passports etc.  
  • For writers computers help writers write and store their work. It has replaced pens and paper. Straightforward editing, corrections, illustrations etc., all are done through a few clicks.

Adverse Effects Of Computers On Society :

  • Computers work as stress boosters in human lives.
  • It has lessened the proficiency of older workers unfamiliar with the technologies and those lacking English skills.
  • According to research, computers shoot up the rates of cardiac diseases.
  • It affects the visions of people working on it and children gaming regularly.
  • It spreads harmful radiation as well.
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Lessened The Proficiency Of Elder Workers
  • Computers have indeed added to the benefits of advancement in our society. Without computers, our everyday life comes to a halt. We should make the most of this technology, but we must not forget the consequences of over-use. We should remember that computers exist to make our lives easier, not messier.
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