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Rise Of Robotics In Education

Technology is constantly progressing swiftly in each facet of modern living. To elevate the competitiveness of the next generation, it needs to apprehend electronics, design, programming, etc. In this context, the study of robotics is emerging as a significant education segment at all levels. Students' interest in robotics has increased rapidly over the last few years. Numerous pursuits are being made to introduce the study of robotics in education from junior classes to higher education. The favourable opening of an educational novelty in schools and colleges revolves around access to new technology and unfolds many ingenious aspects. Some crucial elements that enhance innovation in education are good educational philosophy, unique learning zone, new curricula, etc. The robot can be considered an additional educational tool to arbitrate the learning event through its applications. The introduction and usage of robotics in the classroom give the student a new path to explore that they have never unfolded before. Besides this, robotics is an absolute way to array that studying IT can be fun. Students can enjoy their learning phase and enhance their knowledge and creativity. Operating with robots will accelerate their problem-solving approach creatively. It helps the students to develop practical skills like essential communication and many more.


The learning approach or theory of constructionism proclaims that people design intellectual models to apprehend the aura around them. This zone can only be attained with the help of activities like dwelling, fiddling, playing, and enjoying the elements of machine and device and noticing the eventuality. LOGO is a programming language that was designed and developed by Seymore Papert. It could control the robots by letting them move forward or backwards, turning left and right, etc. One of the consequent repeats of robotics education was LOGO's association with Lego, initially restrained by personal computers and eventually in the anatomy of thoroughly programmable bricks. Today it is known as Lego Mindstorms. It has persisted in furnishing programs based on education with its numerous products for the different grades with various robotic potentials.

Programming Applications

As outlined earlier, Lego Mindstorms comprises a programmable illustrative or graphic user alliance that empowers programming. This programming language can be modified to benefit common and typical languages such as Java or C. Several other products aimed at learners of early age, such as Wonder Workshop's Dash, Dot Robots, etc., apart from Lego Mindstorm and WeDo, support learners of different age groups.

Robotics in Higher Education

Numerous careers demand a thorough and specialized understanding of tender practices, such as in the fields like healthcare. When grasping the education related to medicine and healthcare, most of the students find the usage of robotics beneficial. In performing the complex procedures and operations of medical education, a subject on humans is only somewhat viable. Considering this scenario, educators are handling using robots as an alternative. The attribute of robot can be designed in a way that it can sense the human life indications such as breath and heartbeat. The usage of robotics can also be seen in several other medical tasks. Functioning and moving with the robots increases the creative level and the approach to resolving an issue. Students become active learners by exercising robotics techniques and learning. Students initiate and show interest in learning new things coming out of robotics. It also enhances their interpersonal skills, which is essential for their career growth. The introduction of robots in the classroom caters to the possible career opportunities for the student subconsciously. Most branches of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, IT, and chemical, need a project based on robotics. Robotics is an absolute way to make students realize that learning can be fun.


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