Revolutionary Technology Of Apple T.V. Will Modify Education System

Revolutionary Technology of Apple T.V. Will Modify Education System

Apple Inc. has always changed the way humans use the technology with their innovative gadgets. Just like: iPods, smartphones and smart-watches, Apple T.V. is also gaining popularity. This device has ability to play videos in 1080p resolution and allows the users the access of channels like: Yahoo Screen, HBO Now, Disney Channel and Bloomberg etc. the users can also pair their iPads for sharing content through this device. Other than entertainment purposes, it can also be utilized for various official and educational purposes.

Features of Apple T.V.

Some of the characteristics of Apple T.V. through which it can be used in education include:

  • Online informative videos: Teachers can access multiple videos from online video sharing websites like: Youtube and present in the class using Apple T.V. Also, documentaries on social, scientific and environmental issues can be can be searched and presented effectively through Apple T.V.
  • Channels for educating students: There are several channels through which teachers can impart knowledge of their respective by taking support of Apple T.V. Sports instructors can use sports channels for giving lessons on multiple outdoor games. News and history related channels can also be utilized for giving education related to different fields.
  • Airplay mirroring technique: This is a protocol through which academic content of the students present in the ipad can be utilized for showing the content to the whole class. This content can be in the form of documents, videos prepared by the students and teachers or audio files which are relevant to the subject.
  • Presentations: Students are often allotted with presentation on the topics relevant to the subjects. The students can use Apple T.V. and Airplay to make their presentations more interactive and thereby attain better score for that specific subject.

Benefits of Using Apple T.V. in Classroom:

  • The participation of students will be increased as this mode of education will be more fun and lively.
  • Teachers also have to do comparatively less hard work for preparing modules for teaching.
  • Knowledge imparted to the students will be more practical and vast as compared to the conventional teaching.

So, the Apple T.V. if utilized creatively can indeed revolutionize the way education is imparted in the schools.

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