Research Journal Of Biotechnology Impact Factor

Research Journal Of Biotechnology Impact Factor

Simple Definition Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is best defined as the science of using the living organisms for creating socially useful products that help the mankind. This is done by employing various biological, chemical or physical reactions and transformations on the living systems and the organisms. Biotech research is basically dependent on deducing the technological applications of the living organisms that can be used to benefit the humans in any form. In Layman language, the application of technology on the biological systems is termed as the biotechnology.

What Do You Learn In Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a vast discipline of sciences, which includes in itself a lot of further sub-divisions. From an eternity, biotechnology has served a lot of industries in production of a number of different products, including medicine, cosmetics, agriculture and food production. A lot of students learn biotechnology in schools, colleges and universities and some of them also pursue biotech research further in their careers. The science of biotechnology teaches you about the different technical implications that can be made on the living systems that are of tremendous importance to the mankind both economically as well as personally.

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New Discoveries With Biotechnology

Biotech research is extremely important as it leads to new discoveries leading to the benefits of the mankind on a daily basis. Most of the students decide to learn biotechnology as it now comprises of a very interesting disciplines like genetic engineering, genomics, recombinant technologies etc. which collectively make up biotechnology. Different kinds of pharmaceutical technologies and diagnostic tests are also included in the modern biotechnology.

Why Is It Important To Learn Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the branch of sciences which deals specifically with the production of products and deduction of theories and applications that help the mankind to evolve and get better. Hence, biotechnology has an economic importance and is essential to be learned in order to be applied in the day to day lives of the people. The importance of biotech research and training lies in the fact that in 1988, the National Institute Of General Medical Sciences started up a funding process for the biotech research. Universities and colleges offering biotechnology for further studies collectively compete for these funds in order to establish the biotechnological training programs (BTPs) and only the selected successful applications are funded for a period of five years. Students pursuing graduation compete in order to get their BTP’s accepted and if they get accepted, they get stipend, tuition as well as health insurance support during the time they complete their thesis for PhD. Biotechnology training for biotech research is provided to the students at the undergraduate levels too.

Biotechnology Journal

Different kinds of biotechnology journal have been created in the recent years. The main purpose behind these journals is to provide high-quality articles giving information about genuine biotech research. When you learn biotechnology, it is not wholly on the basis of the research and the practical work but also, you can learn biotechnology from the impact factor biotechnology journal that have been published in the recent times. Biotechnology deals with large number of disciplines including Plant/Animal/Microbiology biotechnology, applied biotechnology, white biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, food biotechnology, marine biotechnology and so on. The journals include the description of the researches of all such disciplines.

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Different Kinds Of Biotechnology

Genetic Engineering In Biotechnology

The most important part of the biotech research is the genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is used in the biotechnology industry to manipulate the genome of the organisms being studied.  Genetic engineering mainly consists of changing of the genetic makeup of the cells of the organisms, which include transfer of the genetic material and alteration of the genetic material too. Usually, in the end of genetic engineering procedures, new DNA is obtained by using the molecular cloning techniques on the cells of the organisms being studied. The organisms that are produced after undergoing the genetic engineering and the cloning procedures are regarded as the genetically modified organisms. Genetic engineering is used in biotechnology industry to carry out researches including the agriculture, medicine and industrial biotechnology. Some of the example of biotechnology researches including genetic engineering is the genetically modified organisms such as mice and the Zebrafish which are being used today in biotech research. Genetically modified crops such as Bt Brinjal and Bt cotton have been used from a lot of years now.

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An Important Discipline Of Science

Biotechnology is an extremely important discipline of sciences that has been the major source of development in the recent years. Biotechnology along with the genetic engineering certain biotechnology engineering subjects are taught in many institutions and research centres these days and biotechnology journal play a great role in paving a path for the researchers and students.

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