Out of the pros of being a student is the one which helps one to grow as a human being. We are taught about a vast range of subjects in schools, which definitely leave a mark upon our personality in the long run. Reflective essay is one such measure which helps the student to develop as a person. Reflective essay, in a layman’s language is a piece of writing where students explain a life changing incident. Reflective essays are mandatory in the field of nursing, as nurses are frequently made to cite incidents which made them incline towards this field. Since reflective essay is the personal narration of an incident, teachers examine and observe the writing skill and experience through this.

Though it is quite a pleasurable experience to narrate an experience through words, not many students quite agree to it. Students across the globe face numerous problems while formulating a quality reflective essay. While writing a reflective essay, students often go with the flow and tend to forget the motive behind it. I have tried to mention a few basic points which will help students writing a good reflective essay:


  • The Audience: Along with its importance in academics, reflective essays also play a vital role in the development of a portfolio, which analyses your development as a student. Hence it is utterly necessary to keep in mind the audience of the essay, and thus formulating the essay accordingly.
  • The Language: Since reflective essays throw a light on the future goals of the writer, the language written should be clear and confident, reflectingthe strengths (and weaknesses) of the students aptly. Thus it a sheer need to use descriptive language while writing a reflective essay.
  • The Theme: Reflective essays reflect your own experiences, so it but necessary to reflects your honesty. The essays should speak for itself the ideas, opinions and concerns of the students. It is advisable to refrain from copied text and narrations.
  • Introduction and Conclusion: These two are the most vital component of any form of writing. In reflective essays, the writers have the complete liberty to be their own and express themselves completely, but it is also entirely important to give a clear introduction and conclusion to the piece you write. While the introduction should be given an overview of the complete text, the conclusion is all about an appropriate summary.

As like other forms of academic essay writing, reflective essays are conveniently used by the teachers to understand and analyze the mental development of a student. Though it is widely accepted that reflective essays can be written in the first person, often it is noticed the creativity of the student overtake the motive of the essay. Readers, hence fail to grasp the bottom-line sense of the essay, and they fail to understand as to how the writer grew as a person. Students thus must keep in mind that unless the essay primarily tried to prove a point or perspective, they should stay away from involving a tacky thesis statement in it.

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