Python Programming Language: Features, Applications, And Advantages

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Python is a broadly used programming language that helps accomplish work quickly and smoothly. With the help of python language, one can integrate the systems more proficiently. It is used to develop web applications on the server, automate tasks, and analyze data systems.

What type of programming language is Python?

Python is a major-league programming language. Guido Van Rossum initiated this programming language in 1991. The Python programming language has a layout ideology and philosophy that accentuates code readability. This high-level programming language is coupled with English-like syntax, making learning more accessible with a highly enhanced process control facility. It is open-source software. 

The 9 Unique Features of the Python Programming Language

There are numerous features of this programming g language:

  1. Straightforward To Perceive – Python is relatively easier to apprehend than other programming languages. It contains occasional keywords and transparently interpreted syntax. That allows the learner and students to grasp the language promptly. Glancing at the python language is much similar to the English language. It is a user-friendly language. Beginners can skim through it quickly.
  2. Smooth Readability – The prime factor for accessing the language is the usage of simple codes, which makes it quite comprehensive and easy to read. The English language is used to write the codes of the python programming language. It initiates easy python programming for beginners.
  3. Sound Flexibility – The programming language of Python is very adjustable and pliant. There are no concentrated regulations and canons of diversified applications and methods.
  4. Multifunction – Python programming language is not restricted to precise and reserved vital function areas. It comprises numerous innate provinces and utilities that assist in promoting things rapidly. Setting up personalized functions that support better discerning computer science concepts is also possible.
  5. Enormous Libraries – The canonical libraries of Python are vast and extensive. These libraries consist of modules that are also built-in, which helps in catering solutions to many problems. These bulk libraries are very much compatible with Windows and UNIX etc.
  6. Easily Portable – Python is an immensely portable type of programming language. It can dart smoothly on an extensive range of hardware platforms. Python programming language incorporates a coequal interface on all the platforms.
  7. Expandable – Low-level modules can be joined quickly to Python interprets. These indicated modules facilitate the programmers to contrive the tools and applications according to their requirements.
  8. Arrange Databases – Python programming language accommodates compounds and networks to all major databases.
  9. Supports GUI Programming – Python braces the applications of GUI that can be constructed and constituted to numerous libraries, system calls, window systems, etc.

Application of Basic Principles of OOPs in writing Python Programs 

Python is characterized as an object-oriented programming language. It allows the developers to establish object-oriented applications.

  • Class – A class can be interpreted as an assortment and assembling of objects. It is considered an analytical entity comprising some specialized aspects and approaches. These attributes include instance variables, class variables, methods, etc.
  • Method – Method is a type of operation and function that is linked with an object. The method is not rare and particular to class instances in the python programming language. The method can be characterized under any object.
  • Inheritance – Inheritance is a constituent of object-oriented programming. It indicates that only one object can procure the dominion and presence of a central object. By considering the inheritance concept, one can determine the formation of a new class with a slight change or without any modification to the existing classes.
  • Function Overloading – function overloading ascertains the charge of more than the behavior and tendency of a specific function. The application is diversified by the kinds of objects elaborated.
  • Instance Variable – The instance variable refers to that variable spelled out within a method and accords only to the ongoing class of instances.

Fundamental Python Programs for Projects that all Beginners must Know

The python programming language comprises several basic programs that benefit simple python projects. Some of the primary programs of Python are the following:

  • Python program to print “Hello Python.”
  • Python program to perform arithmetic tasks
  • Python program to count the area of a triangle
  • Python program to determine and figure out the quadratic equation
  • Python program to switch and interchange two variables
  • Python program to hatch a random number
  • Python program to amend the kilometers to miles
  • Python program to change and convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Python program to exhibit the calendar

Added Benefits of Using Python as a Programming Language over Java

Python programs usually act more gradually than Java, but the positive part is that Python also catches less time to develop than java programming language. The python programs are consistently briefer and curtailed 3-5 times from Java. There are deep-seated high-level data types in python programming, and the typing involved here is dynamic. On the other hand, the java programming language is considered a low-level exertion language. Java needs to exemplify the variety and type of every variable, whereas, in python programming, there is no need to define any variables.

The 5 Real-life applications and implementations of Python in programming

The python programming language is used in many spheres:

  1. Python is used for tendering many options and opportunities in web development.
  2. Python programming language is used extensively in scientific and numeric estimation.
  3. This language is highly beneficial in training programming at both basic and advanced levels.
  4. Python programming is generally taken into account to furnish language for the developers of software.
  5. The language of python programming is also used in fabricating systems of e-commerce.

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