Every organization requires a team of proficient employees to grow their business at an apex level. But, apart from the workers, there is also one department who plays a major role in carrying out all the operations of a corporation, i.e. human resource management. Basically, the human resource (HR) management acts as a base for the company as it performs various roles to meet all the business needs. But, now the question arises, what does

What does Human Resource Management Mean and its Purpose in an organization?

Introduction to Human Resource Management & Its Purpose

Human resource management refers to a department that is used to execute several functions such as finding, screening, and recruiting the job applicants to increase the productivity of a business. Moreover, the primary function of human resource management is concerned with the employees and their relationship with the company. The main role of HR manager in human resource department is to maximize the productivity of employees and also maintaining a safe and quarrel-free working environment. In the present time, the importance of the Human resource management with respect to the company’s growth has grown vividly. The human resource management department also provides assistance to all other departments on any kind of personal matters.

Structure of Human Resource Management

In an organization, the duties of HR manager in human resource management can be divided into three parts: Individual, organizational and career. When, it comes to the individual management, it believes in assisting employees and their best performance for the company. Another structure of human resource management is the organizational development, it mainly emphasis on the creation and maintenance of a change program in a company. Last, but not the least, under the career development, the primary function of human resource management focuses on searching the individuals for the most suitable jobs for them.

Functions of Human Resource Management

A Human resource management department is responsible for the growth and development of a company. After learning about the overview introduction of the human resource management, let’s talk about the functions of human resource management in an organization. The three major operational functions of human resource management listed below:

  • Managerial Function: This is the first and foremost function of human resource management that performs the basic tasks in relation to a department. In order to understand this function of human resource management clearly, then it’s really necessary to get knowledge about its subparts.
    • Planning : To get the work done through employees, planning is must. As, it is important to determine the goals of an organization and implementation of policy to reach the objectives.
    • Organizing : The second chief part of managerial function is organizing. After making a plan to reach the desired goals, then developing organization structure is mandatory to carry out the various actions.
    • Directing : Here comes the third aspect that is vital in achieving an organization’s intent. In simple terms, this function is used to motivate the workers to accomplish the aim efficiently. The numerous relations to encourage the employees are salary administration, career planning, developing welfare and safety of employees.
    • Controlling : This is the last topic in the cycle of managerial function. This type of function is closely related to the governance of activities according to the plans. It also helps the human resource management to control the performance of employees in respect of many operational functions.
  • Operative Function: The operative function of human resource management usually refers to the duties that are concerned with development, employment, and compensation of the employees working in the organization. The various operative functions of  human resource management are following:
    • Recruitment: The primary function of the human resource management is to select the right candidate from the pool of job seekers to ensure the best for the organization.
    • Development: This second function is the most crucial among all. It includes training of each and every employee to enhance the skill for the job for which he has been hired.
    • Compensation:  This function of human resource is closely related with the wages of employees, according to their organizational objectives. For this, the human resource management uses various methods such as performance appraisal and job assessment.
    • Employee welfare:  This function of human resource management states the several benefits that are offered to employees such as cafeteria, restrooms, insurance, and recreational facilities etc.
    • Salary administration: In this kind of operative function, human resource management determines what should be paid for different job profile.
    • Relation:  Nowadays, maintaining a good relation with the employees of an organization becomes mandatory. This relation mainly refers to the interaction of human resource management with the workers, affecting various factors such as wages, working environment, and benefits etc.
    • Personnel research: This function is mainly done by the human resource department to gather employee’s suggestion on salaries, promotion, activities, working conditions, and leadership etc.
    • Personal record: The final function of the human resource department is to uphold the records of the employees working in the company.
  • Advice-Giving Function: This function of human resource management is related to the advice or guidance on the various matters by the HR to the concerned authority. The human resource management can offer advice to the following parties:
    • Advice to top management: In this advice to the top management, the Human resource usually discusses about the various policies and procedures that are beneficial for the company.
    • Advice to departmental head: When it comes to this advice, the HR offers the advice to the department heads on stuffs such as selection, recruitment, training, and performance appraisal etc.Human Resource Management Primary Functions- EssayCorp

The role of the HR in Human Resource Management is responsible for all the central functions and operations of the company. However, the leadership style and good communication are the main ingredients for an effective human resource management. By this, employees can freely share their ideas and views that can even contribute to an operational decision making.

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