Studying and living in a notable country like Australia is a dream of every individual. Every year, approximately 90,000 people migrate to Australia for several reasons, such as studies, medical emergencies, jobs, and many more. Various scholars apply for Australian students’ visas to travel for completing their studies at world-class universities. After getting the students’ permit successfully, students focus on their studies to give the best outcome.

Australia provides the Permanent Residency (PR) to international students on a point-based system. Scholars need to gain a certain amount of points based on their performance and experiences. They can obtain these points in several domains such as computer science, nursing, and engineering. After getting the PR successfully, students can gain some additional benefits. In this article, we will learn the minimum criteria for getting a Nursing PR.

Scholars, shifting to their universities, started studying and trying to score well in their academics. But they face several obstacles while completing their course. They are unable to finish their assessments before the deadline as they encounter language and communication barriers. Therefore, they search for online Assignment Help Australia to get 24*7 professional assistance. After completing their studies, students start doing clinical practice. After that, they will apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) to get a legal residence in Australia.

Nursing Curriculum in Australian Universities

Several universities provide excellent Nursing Curriculum to worldwide students. These institutions appoint the best professors who hold years of experience and knowledge. The tutors help learners to grasp proper information about every subject matter of the course. Therefore, the students select these universities to get the best theoretical and practical knowledge of every topic.

But, scholars face various problems while pursuing their Nursing studies, such as changing lifestyle, language barriers, monetary issues, and many more. The main challenge faced by international students is getting student visas again and again. They have to apply for the permit many times, which leads to a loss in their studies. Therefore, learners try to get a Nursing PR by earning scores in the required areas.

Pathway of Getting a Nursing PR

Australia provides permanent residency to the students according to a point-grading system for successful immigration. Students need to score at least 65 points to get a PR in Australia. The Australian Government considers several areas to calculate these points and then provides the permanent visa. Some of the factors are given in the following section with their ranking criteria:

  • Age: It is the first criteria on which the Australian Government calculates the points. The maximum points for this model are 30. According to the administration, nurses between the age of 18-24 years will get 25 points then, 20 points for the age group of 25-32 years, 15 points for the nurses between the age of 33-39 years; and 10 points for the nurses of age group 40-44 years.
  • Fluency in the English Language: The highest count for this area is 20 points. Students who are superior in the language will receive 20 points, then 10 points for the scholars who are proficient in the same, and nil points for beginners in the same.
  • Employment Outside Australia: Nurses who have worked outside Australia will get additional marks based on their work for the past ten years. Nurses with the practice of 0-3 years will receive 0 points, then 5 points to those who have experience of 3-4 years, candidates with knowledge of 5-7 years will gain 10 points and 15 points to those applicants who have the expertise of 8-10 years.
  • Educational Qualifications: The students with a doctoral degree will obtain 20 points, scholars with a bachelor’s/master’s degree receive 15 points, and learners with a diploma in the same will get 10 points in their PR report. Hence, the total points of this marking area are 20 scores.
  • Employment in Australia: The nurses aware of the Australian healthcare system as they have a working experience in Australia will get 20 points. The nurses with experience of 0-1 years will score 0 points, those nurses who have nursing expertise of 1-2 years will obtain 5 points, nurses with the practice of 3-4 years will get 10 points, then those nurses who have done the nursing job for 5-7 years will earn 15 points and nurses with an experience of almost 8-10 years will get 20 points.

These are some of the areas of marking on which the PR points depend. We have not mentioned some marking areas in this list, namely Studying in Australia, Niche Education Skills, and Partner Abilities. Applicants will get their points according to these marking criteria. A candidate can get their PR done once they have scored more than 65 points from the administration.


Getting a Permanent Resident in Australia is not an easy task for everyone. Students need to focus on every aspect of their studies, whether it is academics or clinical practices. They have to keep in mind to do their best and achieve the highest. The abovementioned information will help students choose the best way and provide students with the knowledge of marks distribution for getting your PR successfully. While completing their studies, students face numerous challenges and get anxious when they get several assessments. Hence, they seek Nursing Assignment Help to get assistance in completing their assignments. There are enormous websites that aid students in finishing their writing tasks with experts’ guidance and support.


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