What is meant by PHP?

In the simplest terms, php is the acronym of “hypertext preprocessor”. It is the most commonly used server-side scripting language and is used predominantly for the purpose of web development. PHP is the most extensively and commonly used server site on the web as it is known to rule or cover almost 82 % of the entire web today. Apart from its use in web development, PHP is used as the general purpose programming language as well. The computer language PHP was used for the first time in history in the year 1995 and was known to be developed a year prior by a great computer scientist Rasmus Lerdof. Originally, PHP stood for “Personal Home Page” which was changed to “hypertext preprocessor” in the following years. So, this was just a sneak peek in the computer language PHP but the exact meaning of hypertext preprocessor shall be disclosed in the further section of this blog.

What is PHP scripting language?

The most commonly used scripting language in the 21st century is the computer language PHP. Yet there is always a lot of confusion and fuss within the students as well as other individuals regarding PHP, most of them ask this very commonly asked question that “what is PHP scripting language?” It is more specifically a server-side scripting language and as mentioned above, it is used mainly for the purpose of web development. It has been used by a number of web developers for the purpose of development of a number of static as well as dynamic websites.

What is PHP Scripting?
Understand what is PHP scripting language all about.

Apart from the website development, PHP is used for the purpose of development of web-based programs. One very unique and contrasting feature of the computer language PHP is that its scripts can be interpreted only on the servers that already have the PHP installed in them. Another contrasting feature of PHP language is that the computers of the clients that are actually accessing a website, developed by using PHP do not require PHP installed in their computer, they just require a web browser in order to access it. PHP is compatible mainly with Windows as well as the Unix like operating systems.

What is Word press in PHP?

Word press is the most commonly used online tool for the purpose of website development. It is a kind of open source tool which is used and written only by making the use of the computer language PHP. Both PHP and word press work hand in hand and are known to provide with the best kinds of website development. Word press is considered to be the easiest and extensively used tool for the purpose of blogging and creation of websites. Conversely, computer language PHP is a server-side scripting language, using which the Word press is written in various forms. In the PHP files of the word press, very commonly a .php is mainly used inside the HTML documents. Word press consists of the feature of the functions.php also known as the theme functions; this is particularly a template which is used as the word press themes.

What do you mean by Hypertext preprocessor?

From an eternity, most of the people have the same doubt as to “what do you mean by hypertext preprocessor?” as of now, no exact meaning of hypertext preprocessor has been found out, but its function is quite clear. The hypertext preprocessor is mainly used for the purpose of extraction of data from a database and then provides it to the web page. On the contrary, it is very often used for the purpose of connection with the database, retrieval of data, addition or for the purpose of updating the content. This particular speciality of the hypertext preprocessor is said to make the computer language PHP the complete and the ideal language for the purpose of development of a large scale website.

What is php?
What do you mean by Hypertext Preprocessor?

PHP is the most extensively used scripting language with almost 82% of the web comprised of specifically the computer language PHP, yet people have doubts regarding what is meant by PHP. This blog provides a very basic knowledge about what is meant by PHP and various other topics that come under PHP. PHP works hand in hand with the Word press tool about which is also described in the blog.

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