10 Easy Pecha Kucha Topics for Students

 Easy Pecha Kucha Topics for Students

We have a number of visitors to our website and most of the common questions they enquire with us are What are the easy topic for quick presentations? The quick presentation they meant is the Pecha Kucha presentation. Here we are discussing the Pecha Kucha presentation and Pecha Kucha topics for students.


Pecha Kucha in Japanese means “chit-chat”. It is narrating the story or experiences or describing the ideas with a short presentation. In short Pecha Kucha’s ideas are like “talk less show more”. It was created in February 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo.

Why do people/students ask for Pecha Kucha presentation topics?

The very first reason is that it is unlike other commercial or business PowerPoint slides. There is no hard-fast rule for Pecha Kucha presentation.  The only rule is that this presentation should contain 20 slides and each slide changes every 20 seconds. So, in total, the presentation lasts for 6mins 40 seconds. The second reason is that this may be students’ first ever Pecha Kucha academic presentation and wonder what topic work and what will not.

Since in this presentation presenter should explain along with the changing slides (as slides change every 20 sec) the Pecha Kucha example topics chosen should be easier and simultaneously should be very interesting to an audience. The best way to choose topics is to “Present what you love”.  Here we will discuss in brief about few Best Pecha Kucha presentation topics.

  • Narrate your travel experience: If you love traveling, if you were on your road trip, or if u had been on a world trip then this can be a very interesting and easy topic to be chosen for the Pecha Kucha presentation. You can show photos of your experience of traveling and explain in short about them. You can explain your fears while traveling and how you overcome them.
  • Talk about a specific type of food: If you have just come from your tour you can explain the different types of food you saw or ate during traveling. You can also present some information about those food habits that you are excited about. In this presentation, one can also discuss special food recipes if one loves cooking and are a good chef.
  • Emotion and how to control them: Our life teaches a lot of lessons in each or every moment we live. If one has anything to share about their life and their emotions during that situation or how one learned to have control over such emotion in that particular situation can make use of the Pecha Kucha presentation for that.
  • Future talks: One can discuss their imagination about the future. It may be related to electronic fields, home appliances fields, automobile fields, business fields,s and a lot more. It is a safer topic to present since ideas are limited only by your imagination.
  • Satire: This is a bit of a difficult topic to be chosen. It cannot be a “Taste” of everyone. Use your humor for irony or exaggerate any work or thing. It may be related to fashion, a particular book, or anyone’s comment. One has to just take care that your talk should not be a negative vibe for others. Make fun of yourself, instead of always poking at others.
  • May your grandparents or a child of age 10 to 12 know what you do: Explaining the content of your work to business associates is always a piece of cake for you and it will be in a very commercial way. But try to explain the same to your grandparents or a child of age 10. This will be of more fun and colorful presentation.
  • Talk about your hobbies: You can give a presentation on your hobbies since you love doing them and have a lot of information to share.
  • About your pets: Almost everyone will be having pets at their home. They will be the most loving and cutest thing in your life. One can discuss their pets and their routine life in the Pecha Kucha presentation. This will be the best and most emotional topic for the audience.
  • Number counts: One can choose a topic like 10 best favorite songs, 15 best restaurants in your area or 30 best websites, etc. This will be a very easy topic to talk about.
  • What not to do: One can even give a presentation on the experience gained by you and topics about what mistakes you did in your life or topics like what not to do in a particular situation.

These are the Best Pecha Kucha presentation topics one can choose. Just be careful about the topics related to caste, culture, sex, religion, or politics. Such a topic may lead you to controversies.

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