In the academic studies, most of the students pursue different training programs that are beneficial for their future. But, for the students who are engaged in public health training, they must be exposed to various statistical formulas and epidemiologic. Initially, these formulas are calculated with the help of a calculator and then later by numerous software. Some commercial programs like SPSS, SAS, and Stata are the most commonly used in epidemiology that are certainly powerful and have certain characteristics. Moreover, these programs can be used in low to moderate situations as they have many hardware requirements.

OpenEpi is an open source software that is used in biostatistics, public health, epidemiology, and medicine, etc. It is specifically designed for the use in public health by providing a number of statistical tools for summarizing the data. This popular program was developed in HTML and JavaScript to ensure that it can run on browsers such as Google chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Besides it, the developers of OpenEpi have vast experience in testing of Epi Info, a program used for analysis and data entry. Firstly, the OpenEpi used to perform analysis in DOS and Epi Info to deliver a number of tools that are not available. Both Epi Info and OpenEpi are developed for providing solutions to low and moderate resource regions of the world.

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Calculations performed by OpenEpi

OpenEpi plays an important role for the students in summarizing the statistical data. However, there are some crucial calculations that are performed by this software.

  • Test for trend in the count data
  • Rate ratio computations with several statistical tests.
  • Power calculations for proportions
  • Some confidence intervals for rates, proportion, means and median
  • Sample size for matchless case controls, cross-sectional surveys, controlled trials, and cohort.
    OpenEpi (Open Source Epidemiologic Satistics For Public Health)- EssayCorp
  • Screen test survey with ROC (receiver operating characteristics) curves
  • T-test and on way ANOVA
  • Graded tables for rate data and count
  • Interaction tests for odds ratio and risk ratio
  • Random number generator

OpenEpi (Open Source Epidemiologic Satistics For Public Health)- EssayCorp

Importance of OpenEpi for students

In analyzing the data, OpenEpi has been a most prominent tool for teaching epidemiology to the students at various academies such as Emory University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, University of Washington etc. The most striking feature of this program is that it is easy to use and doesn’t contain any complex coding or any programming experience. Furthermore, students can run this software on any browser and can focus on the analysis of the results.

Enhancing OpenEpi for future use

OpenEpi has always been a valuable associate to Epi Info and various other programs for performing a number of calculations. Many researchers and investigators have found OpenEpi can be enhanced by the following ways:

  • Addition of new programs to execute various statistical calculations
  • Improving the current programs
  • Translating program into additional languages
  • Increasing the knowledge of OpenEpi
  • Ability to read, cut and paste the data

The development of OpenEpi program was supported by bill and Melinda gates. Later on, the program had more than 5, 00,000 hits since the first half of 2008. According to a recent Google survey, around 5,000 websites have mentioned this program for their welfare.

Students who are training in technical programs, especially public health program must be guided properly through the use of OpenEpi program. As getting proper knowledge of the program will helps students to achieve good grades than ever.

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