NMATH Introduction To Math Library For .Net

nmath introduction to math library-for .net

NMath is a math library for object-oriented numeric on the dot net platform. The centre space network develops it. The first version of this series was realized in 2003, and the current version NMath .6, was recognised in 2014. It is defined as the Numerical Component Library. NMath is built on MKL(Math Kernel Library), a math library provided by Intel. NMath provides the facility for support to Vector Matrix, complex numbers, factorization, polynomials, Numeric Integration, Differentiation and several other mathematical elements. Several open-source libraries and research projects use Math.net.


The objective of designing Math.net Numeric is to provide the methods and algorithms for numerical computation in Engineering, science and several other fields. Math.net is a part of the .net Initiative; it combines data analytics with .Net Iridium replacing both. Now it can be used in place of both. It is available free with MIT/X11 Licence. It can work wonderfully in all Windows environments.

The C# also works nicely with this Library; the codes of C# can be easily integrated with this Library and it can be used by referencing the MathNet.Numeric  NU Get package. The package can be tracked through the command line tool too.

      coding .nmath

With this, it aims to support F# too; the reference required to set is Math.NetNumeric.FSharp. It also works nicely on Linux environments using Mono with Linux. The features and functionality are common to BLAS and LAPACK. 

The Library Provides The Facility For-

  • Pseudo–random numbers generation.
  • Probability distribution.
  • Real and complex linear Algebra.
  • Matrix IO Classes.
  • Specially designed routines including Gamma, Beta and Erf.
  • Linear Regression.
  • Descriptive Statistics.
  • Fourier Transformation.
  • Overloaded mathematical operators
  • Provides the facility of fully persistable data classes using the .net mechanism.
  • Integration with ADO. NET.
  • The graphs can also be plotted using Microsoft chart controls. 

MKL (Math Kernel Library)

Intel math kernel library

 Intel provides Math Kernel Library. It not only supports math processing but supports Neural Networks too. With the help of this Library, the development time has been reduced, and the quality of the work has remarkably increased. The Intel Math Kernel has highly vector and threaded Linear Algebra, Faster Fourier Transformations, Neural Networks, Vector Math and Statistics Functions. The performance of this Library is up to mark according to the proven research standards. One can relink with Intel Math Kernel Library package online for better performance and compatible architectures.

Hardware Requirement- Intel and other Compatible processors.

Operating System- Works nicely on Windows, Linux and OSX.

Development Tools and Environment- Microsoft Visual Tool

Support to Programming Language– Supports C, C++, FORTRAN, C#, F#, Python, Java and several other programming languages.

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