Mother’s Day - A Day To Acknowledge The Sacrifices Of Mothers

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day took place in the United States in the early twentieth century. It is celebrated either in March or in May. It is akin to many other days like Father’s day, Daughter’s day, Grandparent’s day etc. Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world. It is a day that celebrates motherhood. The selfless love and affection that a mother’s heart can hold in incomparable. Although celebrating our mothers should not be confined to a specific day, but dedicating a day only to the mothers makes it more special for the children as they get a chance to make little surprises for their mothers. Be it doing all the household chores and the cooking or taking her out to dinner or a movie, children try to do their best to make that day special for her.

Things to do on Mother’s Day

The only purpose of celebrating Mother’s day is to make the woman whom you call mother, happy. There is nobody in this world who knows the sources of her happiness more than you do. Mother’s get happy when you spend time with them. With the growing stress in our lives be it for studies, work or unsuccessful relationships, we often forget to spend time with our mothers who is the source of our lives. Watch the movie you both enjoyed watching together when you were a child, bake a cake for her, teach her to drive, take her out to dinner or get her a salon treatment. Spend the day pampering her.

Presenting you a story that tells a different experience of being a mother

“I was a girl who lost her mother as a teenager and became arrogant to the extreme. I became a girl who would just not listen to anybody no matter what. I have seen my family going away. Being at the age and circumstance where I needed to be understood I was abandoned. I started living alone a life bereft of all emotional connections. Until the last year, when I was coming home from work, I heard a weak whimper of a barely thirty days old puppy on my parking. I followed it and after five minutes, he was coming upstairs to my room tugging on my sleeves with fear. I didn’t know what left him that frightened. I just knew he needs me. That day I did not realise what I was gifted with. But today, seeing my happy Nemo playing around my house makes me feel no less than a mother.

Mother's Day

He gave me everything that I was denied of. Today, when I come back home from work, I always find him jumping on the window wagging his tail. He makes me feel wanted. He is the only reason for my coming home. My ability of being compassionate, of being selfless that I concealed for years, found its vent. He made me realise that being a mother does not need to be biological every time. The void that my mother’s demise left was filled with joy long ago with me becoming a mother to a four legged life.”

This story has hopefully defined the meaning of being a mother in a way that is very astounding.

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