Molecular Biology - Its Meaning and Significance in Modern Science

study of molecular biology

Molecular Biology is the sphere of biology that analyses the compound, structure, and correlations of cellular molecules like proteins and nucleic acids. In other words, it studies a life form at a molecular level. It helps to understand the interactions between the molecules of a living organism. 

Since 1940 study of molecular biology gained momentum in modern science. Cell molecular biology is one such topic that is studied extensively. The chief motive of this detailed analysis and study is to comprehend the fundamentals of genetic processes, sequence, mapping the locus of genes and modification of specific genes, etc.

It is a complex subject. Scholars who study molecular biology can understand the development of a living organism or cell at a deeper level. It aids in understanding genetics and overall behavior. 

5 Significant Topics Related to Molecular Biology

  1. Biological Modeling and Simulation: Modeling and simulation in biological systems aid in representing the structure of a particular system. It is used to evaluate the system's response to various stimuli. It can help analyze diseases like cancer; scholars can study its traits and overall structure through biological modeling. 

  2. Comparative Genomics: Comparative genomics studies and analyzes humanity's genetics through analogies and contrasts with model organisms like rats, fruit flies, etc. It is a sub-topic of molecular biology that studies DNA sequence, genes, gene order, etc. 

  3. Gene Therapy: Gene therapy is an experimental process and method which aims at commuting, switching, handling, or supplementing with healthy genes. There are mainly three steps involved - Gene Identification, Gene Duplication, and Gene insertion. 

  4. DNA Forensics: In DNA forensics, there is the usage of DNA for classification and recognition. Forensics professionals study the DNA sample collected at a crime scene, and, based on that, they conclude the crime.

  5. Functional Genomics: During functional genomics, there is the analysis of the molecular biology of the genes and the study of their ensuing proteins. It also focuses on proteins and their role in the body's biochemical procedures. 

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Significance of Cell Molecular Biology for the Research Scholars

Cell and molecular biology is an interdisciplinary study of organisms and their biological processes. RNA, DNA, nucleic acids, and proteins are studied to develop an understanding of their cells and their genetic formation. 

  • The molecular biology study supports understanding cancer initiation, expansion, and growth of many other diseases. 

  • This particular study and analysis boost the development of drugs and related medicines. 

  • Hereditary cancer can be recognized and prevented in the meantime. 

  • Molecular biology also helps in specific agricultural production using effective medication. 

  • It helps in determining and characterizing the fundamental organisms. 

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