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MITS5004– IT Security Assignment

IT Security assignments are the academic works one has to submit while pursuing a higher degree, college or university level, in Information Technology Security or Cyber Security.

Information technology has spread exponentially since the advancement of computers and internet connectivity. The last decade of the 20th century, i.e., the 1990s, can be said to be a boon phase for the IT sector.

Before that period, computers and IT were mainly confined to the military and space sector, primarily in developed countries. However, by the end of the 1980s, countries like China, USSR, and India opened their markets for globalization, and this introduced the working and technologies of the developed world in these less developed worlds.

Thus, the field of IT Security became vast and more comprehensive with the passage of time. Nowadays, no area can be imagined working seamlessly without computers, the internet, and Information Technology security. This increased the craving to hire more and more cyber security professionals and experts.

Academics of IT Security

Information Technology Security is intertwined with almost every sphere of modern life. From the military to education, judiciary to bureaucracy, and corporate to cooperatives, all depend on digital technologies. 

Therefore, one has to study Computer security deeply and grasp all the concepts and fundamentals of computer programming. Numerous languages are used to create security programs on computers.

During their study, students can learn JAVA, C++, Python, Linux, etc., using which they create security codes and programs to protect digital data and infrastructure from hacking, phishing, and any other kind of cyber attack.

Institutes for IT Security

Since the field of IT security is necessary for and intertwined with almost all spheres of life, the subject is taught worldwide in numerous universities and colleges. The top ten higher education institutes for IT security or Cyber Security as per the QS Rankings of 2023 are:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology; USA

  • Carnegie Mellon University; USA

  • Stanford University; USA

  • University of California, Berkeley; USA

  • Oxford University; UK

  • National University of Singapore; Singapore

  • Cambridge University; UK

  • Harvard University; USA

  • ETH Zurich; Switzerland

  • EPFL; Switzerland

Other than the universities mentioned earlier, the Imperial College of London; Princeton University of USA; University of Toronto in Canada; Nanyang Technological University of Singapore are some other higher education centers to study Cyber Security.

Topics of Cyber Security

Cyber security is the arena where mobile phones, computers, internet networks, and other fields like finance, military, governance, and the judiciary are protected using different programs created by programming languages from cyber attacks.

The students during their academics are taught numerous technical subjects, some of which are given below:

  • Cyber Defense

  • Cyber Ethics, Cyber Law, and Cyber Policy

  • Information Systems

  • Data Communications & Networking

  • Digital Forensics

  • Information Technology

  • Security Systems

Besides that, they are also taught about security principles, cryptography, script programming, legal and ethical issues, various types of networks like LAN and VPN, and different types of programming languages like Python, JAVA, and CCC. They are given knowledge and skills in OWASP tools and methodologies, insecure deserialization, clickjacking, black box, white box, and fuzzing.

IT Security Assignment

The subjects taught to students in the cyber security courses are highly technical and require deep knowledge of each topic concerned. And to test this knowledge, universities and colleges assign numerous assignments, projects, homework, and theses and dissertations.

These assignments carry around 40%-50% weightage in the final results, sometimes even 60%, as the subjects of IT security assignments are more practical than theoretical. Thus, it would be an irresponsible act to ignore these assignments. 

However, many students find these assignments difficult. These assignments came with a pre-determined deadline and had to be completed before that to earn good grades. But then,  issues like time management, lack of information and knowledge, etc., made it tricky for students to complete assignments before the deadline.

Problems With IT Security Assignments

As we have mentioned earlier, the students of Cyber Security had to face many challenges while writing their assignments. Some of these challenges are described below.

  • Time Management: This is students' first and foremost issue in assignment writing. As the assignments came with a pre-determined deadline, they had to collect all the relevant information and data, comprehend it, and then present it appealingly within the given time. This means that they have to follow a hectic schedule for assignments.

  • Limited Resources: IT Security assignments must be written with in-depth knowledge and information. This knowledge and information are gathered by voyaging through numerous books, websites, journals, blogs, magazines, and other resources. However, all students are not so lucky to have all the required material at their disposal.

  • Writing Errors: Since Computer Science assignments are lengthy and hectic, students often make some writing errors, like spelling and grammatical errors. These errors make assignments prone to cut-in marks. 

  • Plagiarism Issues:  To extract the relevant information, a student has to go through numerous resources. This makes these assignments prone to plagiarism, i.e., the similarity of the content of projects with other similar literary works.

  • Understanding and Comprehensibility: The information and data gathered for assignments are challenging to understand and comprehend in one go. Thus, crafting a perfect Computer science assignment takes extra time and effort. Also, many students, especially those who entered the field recently, lack the skills to comprehend such a large amount of information.

Besides that, students also face extreme mental pressure while doing these assignments. They must give up on their physical, social, recreational, and other similar activities regarding these assignments. These monstrous assignments often drag students into anxiety and depression. Therefore, they opt to choose assignment writing to help overcome these issues.

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