Medical Imaging – Meaning And Types

Medical Imaging – Meaning And Types

The capability to attain the medical information and illumination regarding the human body comprises numerous benefits in clinical applications. One of the most useful clinical applications among all is medical imaging.

What is the meaning of Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging which is also known as diagnostic imaging is used in clinical diagnosis and analyzing as it works as the insight of a human body’s parts, organs and tissues etc. In simpler term we can define medical imaging as the digital health approach and process taken into account to visualize the images of human body parts and tissues for the diagnostic and related treatment. In the field of medical, it is a discipline which includes the usage of techniques to catch the inside images of human body. These images play a vital role in diagnosing the disease and other health related issues.

Different types of Medical Imaging

From last several years there is acceleration in the advancements and types of medical imaging such as:

  • Radiography – Radiology is a sort of medical imaging within which inside images of a human body are captured with the use electromagnetic radiation. X-ray is the most recognized and general form of radiology. The process of x-ray comprises the beaming of elevated energy waves through x-ray machine on to the body of a human. These high beaming waves are not absorbed by skin and organs as they are soft tissues, these ways are only absorbed by the hard tissues such as bones. After that the x-ray machine puts the visualization on film and displays that part of body which consumed the waves in white hue and rest of the unabsorbed part in black.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) implicates the radio waves and fields of magnet to visualize the human body parts. The process in magnetic resonance imaging needs an MRI scanner. MRI scanner is an extensive tube which comprises a big circular magnet which builds massive fields of magnet that regulates and adjusts the protons of hydrogen atoms inside the human body. After that the protons are made bare to the radio wave that enables the expelling of those radio waves in the system of recovery and improvement that are determined by the machine to catch an image.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound is a type of medical imaging that uses sound waves of high-frequency in order to acquire the pictures of human organs. It is a type of medical test performed on a body of human to acquire the visualization of certain organs, joints, muscles, soft tissues etc. with the utilization of high-frequency sound waves. The ultrasound procedure is also known as sonography. During an ultrasound the doctor can analyze the issues with human organs, tissues and vessels etc. without making any dissection or piercing in the body of human. There is no usage of radiations in this type of medical imaging technique. This very reason makes it the most preferred and safe procedure of visualizing the fetus in the time span of pregnancy.
  • Nuclear Medicine – The nuclear scans exercise certain radioactive substances to visualize the exact functions and structures inside the human body. The procedure of nuclear scans adopts a specific camera which observes the radioactivity. Nuclear medicine is the common term that comprises any medical usage of the radioactive materials. These particular materials outgrow the radiations which help in catching the related images.


All these techniques and sorts of medical imaging are used in different circumstances. Fresh technologies are being introduced continuously in the field of medical imaging. The advancement in medical imaging involves the machines that initiate lowering down the usage of harmful substances and radioactive material in the process of imaging of human organs. The recent and advanced technologies have already been introduced to the research hospitals and metropolitan medical centers as these places hold a sound budget to afford them. On the other hand the suburban areas are still using outdated technique in diagnosis. Competent, active, safe medical imaging is the sheer necessity of today’s medical field.

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