Learn Human Resource Development with Essaycorp

Learn Human Resource Development with Essaycorp

Human Resource Development is the process of increasing capabilities, knowledge and positive work attitudes of all people who are working at all levels in a specific business. It is an organized experience of learning with in a time frame having certain objectives to produce the possibility of performance change. HRD actually helps in matching the organization need with the individual’s need for personal career development and growth.

Scope and Nature of Human Resource Development:

  • HRD is a system which is made up of mutually dependent parts. So don’t consider the design of system in isolation. Its linkage should consider into account with other parts of the organization.
  • It’s a proactive function. Its function is not only to match the needs of organization but also to anticipate them and to act on them.
  • It aims at developing the capabilities of the managers so that the functions like performance appraisal, rewards and punishment and industrial relations can be better.
  • HRD always emphasis on building the right work culture in the organization. The work culture should identify, use and nurture the capabilities of the people.
  • It emphasis a lot to motivate people and consider job enrichment, informal organization, participative management etc. as motivating forces.
  • HRD believes that better utilization of human resource always leads to improved performance which in turn results in improved morale and job satisfaction.

Importance of Human Resource Development

Human Resource has a key position in any process of development because the development process is the sum total of our productive efforts executed through our human resource. Many countries have realized the importance of HRD. Human Resource is known to be the only factor that can facilitate the effective use of science and technology.

HRD helps in incorporating high level of skills and knowledge. It not only improves the quality of the product but also reduce the cost of production. It approaches to evolve policies which will be used to generate job satisfaction and career development opportunities. Many companies have started implementing HRD programmed for better development.

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