A  good direction is much needed to create a successful life. Without direction, humans are the same as the kite who had no thread. As threadless kites can go anywhere the same as without any control or direction humans can easily mislead and go out of the track. A good leader should have outstanding leadership qualities to guide and instruct the man to choose the right path and continuously walk on that path.  Parents, teachers, friends, relatives, siblings, bosses, and colleagues can play the role of leader in a person’s life, where they all help each other to grow and nourish as well. When a baby is born, his/her parents were their first leaders who led the child to flourish and be the best version of himself. Parents and teachers have the best leadership qualities that create a world that is full of opportunities. 

Later, when we move to the professional world the core of leadership remains the same but its range expands. Here, the leader and the audience must work together to get their desired outcomes. In this world of professionalism, leadership is the most important factor that creates an atmosphere of quality work and discipline.  

What are the 5 Qualities of a Good Leader?

Strong leaders depict the following 5 leadership qualities in their professional and personal lives, encouraging juniors to take a step and set a course for upcoming progress. Powerful and good leaders also practice chief behaviors on a daily basis to strengthen the positive and real impact of these qualities.

  1. Personal development is their first priority:- Productive and effective leaders concentrate on flourishing their inner intelligence. A good leader that continuously improves this quality is more flexible, calm, and enjoys the feedback whether it’s good or bad. They are always ready to change and also effective listeners. This approach will help others in such a way that develops a sense of self-awareness and personal growth.
  2. They believe in growing others:- This is the quality of the generous person who has the ability to influence others with his good communication skills and leadership qualities. It is the fundamental aspect of leadership, which shows the capability of the leader and how effectively they direct the individual or group. They allow others to grow and nourish in a better way and improve their work abilities and living standards. 
  3. Promotes innovation, action, and strategic approach:- “Being a leader you have to think from out of the box always”:- Sir Samuel. A good leader should be generating new ideas and thinking approaches to increase their productivity and they can easily connect with you. It allows them to learn new and creative things that develop their personal growth along with their professional growth.  
  4. A leader should be a civilized and ethical person:- A well-cultured and civilized man can create an atmosphere of well-being and promote ethical values. Values are important characteristics of human behavior. A profound leader considers the ethical outcomes of the decisions that the leader makes for their team and customers. 
  5. Promotes cross-cultural communication:- Professional and respected leaders respect all the cultural values of their teams and business units. They treat them with equal respect and care.  Their communication should be so effective that it empowered the team to do good work. In a rapidly growing global economy, a good leader must acknowledge and respect all types of cultural communication.

Role of Effective Leaders

Leading the team in order to achieve the set goals is the major responsibility of the leader. A leader plays an important role in an organization. The above-mentioned qualities make a leader a profound and strong leader who is capable of maintaining, organizing, controlling, and leading the individual or team. The role of a leader in organizations (home, school, college, and offices) mostly depends upon the work and the strength of the worker or team. Here are the following roles of an active leader:-

  • Motivator
  • Mentor
  • Leaner
  • Communicator
  • Navigator
  • Influencer
  • Team Player
  • Listener 
  • Delegator 
  • Coach

A good leader is a person who plays as a role model for others. Their traits and features influence other people to prepare for upcoming challenges, perfect time management, team management qualities, and a friendly atmosphere at the workplace. These all roles give the best impression upon others and eventually, others start admiring and following the leader’s qualities and features. 


Without proper direction, support, and guidance, an organization can’t achieve its desired goals. A good leader is one who supports and gives space to his workers and learners to flourish in a good and productive way. These 5 leadership qualities that we have discussed earlier are very important factors that determine the quality of leaders. If a leader has all these traits and is efficient in playing such roles then undoubtedly he is considered the best leader. 

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