What are the 7 Qualities and Types of a Good Leadership?

7 Qualities and Types of a Good Leadership

Leaders are the people who take people under their wings and help them to move in a purposeful direction. Certain qualities are required for good leadership. People who acquire these qualities in life are the ones who lead others and show them the right direction toward success.

In the corporate world, leadership qualities are a great possession. Professionals can outgrow themselves and the organization with these qualities. Some people are born leaders citing their background and upbringing. 

While others inculcate these qualities by following the footsteps of the personalities they admire, here are some qualities of good leaders that one can learn in life:

  1. Being Reliable and Credible

Good leaders build credibility by gaining the trust of their followers. They always have a strong opinion and take a stand for their team. 

  1. Your Actions should speak for themselves

You must have heard that action speaks louder than words. One who wants to be a good leader should inculcate this quality. Rather than giving long speeches, taking some quick action in a testing situation is better. 

  1. Mentorship Qualities 

This is a significant leadership trait. Good leaders mentor their team or followers and help them grow. They impart the knowledge and skills to the team and aid their overall development. 

  1. Be Reliable and Authentic

Reliability and authenticity are essential characteristics of leadership. Leaders should be highly reliable and trusted among the team. They should not be hideous and must possess a clear image amongst the followers or the team. 

  1. Empowering the Team

The team always comes first. This is one of the most important leadership qualities. They should draw some guidelines which the team follows. But leaders should decentralize some authority to their team so that they can take certain decisions autonomously. 

  1. Quick Decision-Making

Most people face such situations where they need to decide quickly. It should be a well-calculated decision. A leader should have analytical skills to understand the scenario and take action accordingly.

  1. Should be a Visionary

Great leaders are those who are visionary and hold a positive attitude toward the future. They have clarity about what steps need to be taken for the betterment of the future. Their instincts tell what would work for the overall growth of the team.

List of 5 Types or Styles Of Leadership

  1. Autocratic Leadership

This is the least favorable type of leadership. When a leader doesn’t share any authority with the team and never asks for suggestions from their subordinates then it is known as autocratic leadership. Such leaders have extreme ideologies and they don’t involve others in the decision-making process.

  1. Situational Leadership

In this leadership style, the one who leads analyzes the situation and makes changes accordingly. They are on their toes and always stay updated with the changing needs. Consequently, such leaders focus on their teams and try to bring the best results.

  1. Transformational Leadership

Such leaders have the traits to bring change to the people for their betterment. They help their team to transform and acquire new skills to unlock new opportunities in their professional and personal lives.

  1. DelegativeLeadership

This leadership style is followed by those who delegate the responsibilities to their team. They show the utmost belief in their subordinates and bring out the best in them. Such leaders understand the definition of leadership in a true sense as they empower their followers.

  1. Bureaucratic Leadership

In this type of leadership, a superior follow the red tape. They have faith in the rules and regulations. They believe in hierarchy. Therefore, the superior makes rigid decisions and the subordinates have to follow those rules religiously.


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