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All About International Relations

Ever wondered what is going on in another country? Or if you could travel to another country, not worrying about that country prosecuting you just for being there? Such questions may arise in the hearts of travelers and explorers.

International relation is a way two countries create peace amongst themselves. Peace between the two countries is important, as this peace helps the two countries to benefit from each other through methods of trade, travel and business. International relations is a great career option as it helps you travel to countries, helping the representative make important decisions to improve the relationship with that country. Once the relationship is improved, the two countries can start trading goods, increasing the currency’s value.

Good relation with other countries helps the country in times of wars and financial crisis with allies to ask for aid. But some countries do not prefer having international relations. They keep themselves away from other countries

Advantages of International Relations

Apart from the advantages that I have mentioned above, there are other advantages of international relations.

Relation with another country helps influence its law, policies and production. Many times a country has to change its law to be able to let in another country’s investment and products to sell in its own market.

The production in a country’s market may be expensive, but getting it done by another country may turn out to be cheaper. To get it done by another country, the relation between the two countries should be good. This brings more money to the economy.

When a country’s financial condition worsens it becomes important to get money come in from another country to increase the monetary deficit. Sometimes the technological position of a country may be very low, making it an easy target for other countries to exploit. Therefore, having good international relation with a country stronger than it can help it in getting military aid.

Disadvantages of International Relations

International relations may at times cause problems instead of decreasing it. Starting a relationship with another country is allowing them freedom to enter and exit at their own will. This way the country loses its privacy as the ally country knows about what is going on.

The country starts being dependent on a strong one, at times not being able to grow because of having the needs met by a strong country. In case of a strong country the resources are being tapped on by the weaker country.

When being helped by a strong country, the weak country has to bend to the rules made by the strong country. And no one wants to live in a country being ruled by a stronger one.

Is International Relation Good?

Yes, it is. Though at times it may not seem good, but it is good for every country. This is a way for every country to grow at an equal pace, helping each other and creating unity. Because there is always something a country can share with another country and there is also something a country may need from another country.

A strong international relations between two countries can be beneficial to each other.
A strong international relations between two countries can be beneficial to each other.

Living Without International Relations

There are some countries that live without international relations. North Korea is an example of it. North Korea is an independent country and has been very successful. It has developed a lot under a dictatorship, which is very rare. This makes both international relations important and not important, but it depends on the country, whether the country is able to develop without support from other or if it can develop without support from others.

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