Impact Of Social Media On Public Relations

Impact Of Social Media On Public Relations

Social media has changed the whole scenario of associating and engaging with the customers that relates to ones business. It has changed the methods , the plans , the strategies , the channel and at the end the relations. Social media aids the business to market their business , solve the queries and issues of the customers , Branding and creating an identity of the business.

The main impact that it has caused on public relations is:

From the traditional way to the advanced way:
Social media has come up with new methods of creating relationships with clients. After spending a huge amount on understanding and satisfying the needs and wants of the clients , it now takes comparatively less and a more clear social media strategy to take care of the customers.

Communication channels with the customers:
With the advancement of social media, customers put their queries , suggestions , reviews, and complaints on the posts created by a company on various social media platforms as chosen by them, including Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.Each of the social media sites is loaded with various business promoting pages, and society these days is more inclined towards social media, which makes it easier to communicate with the perspective client.

Public relations by way of marketing:
Marketing on social media is done by first creating their identity on each platform and then promoting their page and the posts being made. For this purpose, paid promotion of the pages can be done so as to reach a larger audience. Whenever you scroll down the posts , there are flashes of various advertisements promoting the products and company. This is what each company is doing these days in order to promote their business.

social media impact on public relations

Public more captivated by the interest videos and pictures :
People are on social media so as to create a social life and to stay connected to the world .They are more interested in the useful and amusing videos and post which are of their interest .Hence for the purpose of sharing information relating to product , information relating to organisation, each of them are making use of the videos and images for the posts in the form that customers are to watch and hence thereby creating an impact in the mind of the people at large and grow business.

Reasonable and quicker strategy for creating PR:
Social media requires very less investment in the form of money and the output out of the investment and efforts can be manifold .If the right strategy is being followed , if the posts and videos are made as per the interest of the targeted audience , if the repose to the queries , complaints of customer is prompt the social media platforms can stand out to be the best way of creating the relations with the public and it is more faster way of interacting with the customers.

Public relation maintained by involvement of people :
A communication is effective when it is responsive , which is done on the social media platforms. By replying to the tweets , commenting on Facebook post ,YouTube videos and making necessary reviews in other platforms ,customers can be involved in the discussion that relates to the products .Their problems and doubts relating to product are solved through this which helps at the end to maintain good public relation.

EWOM managing the branding and thereby maintaining the public relations:
Word of mouth is very crucial in infusing the people to buy any product and for company to create good PR .Word of mouth done in the traditional way is yet a very slow process which can not reach to larger public .EWOM helps in reaching fast to more public and create branding by sharing and promoting various information relating to the company .Also , it gets easier for the company to create relation with the customer and initiate the communication process with the good brand image.

Easier to create PR with larger audience:
Social media has helped many companies to reach at global level because of the marketing and viral tendency that it has .Any post , video , image on social media can be made viral if the content proposed is attractive and is having a viral component in it .So social media makes it fortunate for certain companies who had made the right strategies and efforts in that direction to create public relations with audience at large.

This all shows how Facebook , twitter , Instagram and YouTube are not only mode of entertainment , creating social life but also the web platforms to earn money , branding and expand business by the way if interacting with people online.

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