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Human resource management is essential in any organization or firm, its main objective is to maximize the performance of the employee in the service of the concerned organization. HRM is extremely important for any organization as it affects the entire workforce of the organization.  But, very often the HR team encounters a number of different challenges, about which we shall discuss further.

Newer trends and issues in human resource management have been emerging these days. Although, there are numerous different new trends in HRM, we have jotted down and explained some of them in the section of this blog. Let us take a look at some of the new trends in HRM.


Technology has always influenced human resources management in every aspect and is one of the most important trends in human resource management. Technology allows the individual to perform his functions and duties in a mobile state; you need not to be at the concerned organization in order to accomplish your duties in HRM. A very good example of this is the HERMIS which is known to replace all the file work. With technology, the confidential information of the staff and the organization are completely safe and hence, technology is vital as it helps in facing HR related issues in the organization.

Involvement Of The Employee:

HRM plays a very significant role in employee involvement, as today for an organization to be successful the involvement of employee is extremely important. This mainly includes the participative managements, goal setting, work team, employee training etc. The most significant role that HRM plays is in the training of the employee.

Contingent Workforce:

The modern day workforce includes mainly the contingent workers, who are available to work for the company for a short span of time and aren’t permanent. They are employed only when the organization is dealing with some deviations in its workflow. The contingent workers must be skilled with the job skills that the organization is looking for.

Challenges In HRM:

Human Resource Management
Challenges Encountered By HR Team

Everyday working for the Human resource management, the HR team encounter a number of challenges each day. So, the following section of the blog describes about various HR related issues in an organization, Know in-depth knowledge about HR.

Challenges in the human resource management are divided into 3 main categories namely; environmental challenges, organizational challenges and individual challenges.

  • All the challenges that come from the external forces existing in the environment are categorised under environmental challenges. They are extremely important to consider because they affect the working of any organization greatly. The environmental challenges include rapid change taking place in the environment, globalization, and lack of proper skills, legislation, workforce diversity, and job as well as family roles. All these challenges altogether constitute the environmental challenges and are a serious threat to the human resource management.
  • The next category includes the organizational challenges. These are the challenges that are faced by the HR team within the organization. The main root cause of these types of challenges is residing in the organization and is noticed by the proactive HR managers of the concerned organization. It is the duty of the HR manager to take proper measures for overcoming these challenges. These challenges include competitive position and flexibility, the action of self-managed teams, the issues of downsizing as well as organizational restructuring, development of the suitable organizational culture etc. All of these mentioned organizational challenges can be dealt by various measures including the controlling of the costs, improving of the quality, development of various distinctive capabilities, restricting of certain norms.
  • Apart from the environmental as well as the organizational challenges, most of the HRM challenges are in the form of the individual challenges. The issues limiting to the individual level include the productivity of the employees which is directly dependent upon the training and education of the employee. Other individual challenges include brain drainage, ethics and social responsibility. Job insecurity is yet another individual challenge that the HRM faces.

Human resource management is a very strenuous task considering the increasing levels of HR related issues in an organization. For a smooth and hassle free working of any organization, a proper functioning HRM is essential. The above section of the blog includes a brief overview of the HRM trends and challenges.

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