Grabbing Good marks in Academics is a serious issue. There are certain tips that you need to take care to grab A+ in academics daily. “Self-Study” is the best thing that one can do.


    • Before writing an essay/chapter/or any study, you need to understand with the basic structure.
    • Try to do easy things first, and then go to difficult ones!
    • All you need to clear is your basics, once your basics are clear, things will move very smoothly in your academics.
    • Do and understand the concept, so that if something comes out of the book with the same concept, you can able to do things.
    • Always practice writing, this will help you to understand the concept in a better way. “Practice makes perfect”

Everybody wants to become topper in his/her class. There are some factors that motivate you so that you can secure high level. There are few things that you need to take care so as to grab A+ in your academics daily. Some of them are:

    • You have to reward yourself and boost yourself that you can do it. Rewards can be in a monetary level or non-monetary level.
    • You have to stay organized with respect to your notes/chapters.
    • Make short term goals and try to fulfill everything and achieve your goals on time.
    • Try to develop good habits
    • Attend class regularly and arrive on time
    • Review assigned readings and notes before each class you attend
    • Complete assignments in advance
    • Tackle larger projects in manageable increments
    • Allow ample study time to avoid cramming the night before a big exam

Besides this, there are certain steps that one should follow while doing any assignment.

    • Introduction – The introduction of an essay is very important. It gives the reader’s first impression. Always Remember: first impression counts!
    • Try to Grab the reader’s attention
    • Point wise paragraph making
    • First paragraph should grab the eyes of reader with the concept of assignment
    • Second Paragraph should contain the points related to the topic. It can be a Pro or Con.
    • In the third paragraph, you have to tell the reason that how the things move on.
    • Finalization/Conclusion can be done in a way that it should contain all the points and gives a brief about everything.

Besides these, somethings are very important to make any assignment and grab the best marks out of it. Teachers give assignment to students for two basic reasons.Assignments

  • It helps the students to connect with the material and give an exposure to think beyond the boundary lines.
  • Second, it gives the insight about the mind of the student that how it is developing. Although, the topic of the assignment is related to the course content but the practical exposure gives an idea that how the theoretical part is being done in a better way.

There are various things that students have to take care while making assignment. As discussed above,  It should synchronize in paragraph wise, the motive of the assignment should be clear.

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