Exam time is the most stressful time for all the students. It is a time of sleepless nights, anxiety and poor health. Every student wants to do well in the finals but you cannot do it if you are stressed. Here we provide you a number of ways to improve final exam test score without cramming and staying up all night.

  • Say No To Cramming – Study in increments of 20-50 minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break in between as it is more favorable than cramming.

Ace final Exams
Cramming while studying.
  • Eat Antioxidants  According to a senior clinical researcher at the University of Oxford.When 16 college students were tested on thinking speed and attention, they fed a high-fat, low-carb diet heavy on cheese, eggs, meat and cream and tested again, their performance reduced but the students who ate a balanced diet that included vegetables and fruit, held steady.” Eating healthy food is good and can make a remarkable difference (fruits, almonds, yogurt and cashew nuts are the best options).

Eat Antioxidants
Insert antioxidants in diet.
  • Say Yes To Cardio – Scientists say that 15-20 minutes of physical activity can boost your memory. It can be jogging, dancing or any other physical activity. It will increase the energy level and lessen the effects of stress.
Say Yes To Cardio
15-20 mins of cardio can do the wonders.
  • Avoid Studying Whole Night –Studying whole night is not good. Based on a 2008 study by Pamela Thacher, Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Lawrence University, “studying whole night impair reasoning and memory for as long as four days.”  As a result, you will score lower grades. So a good night sleep is very important to score better on tests.
Ace final Exams
A good night sleep is very important before giving any exam.
  • Study Spots – Spending all the time, sitting at one place and studying can be exhausting. According to the New York Times, “simply alternating the room where a person studies improves retention.” Our brain makes connections between the background sensations and what is studying. So, try alternating your study spots.


Study Spots
The spots should be changed frequently while studying.
  • Minimize Distractions – Put your phone aside, yes you have heard it right. Mobile phone and social media is the biggest distraction for this generation. Students who used to study while watching television and listening to music are less likely to remember information.
Ace final Exams
Distractions of cell phone should be avoided.
  • Drink Lot Of Water – Being well hydrated is important for your brain to work well. Drink plenty of water while studying and on the exam day.
Drink Lot Of Water
Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water.


  • Check For Previous Tests – Tests that you have been taken over the whole semester is a better source while preparing for your final exams. Look over the types of questions and the type and level of explanation your professor wants in an answer.
Check For Previous Tests
The lectures and important point should be remembered.


  • Form A Study Group – Invite some studious students and study with them. Compare your notes with them and help each other stay on task.
Study Group
Compare your notes with the group.
  • Know When To Stop Studying – “Within 12 to 24 hours of the test, it’s time to stop studying,” says Gruenwald.  The chances are much higher that you’re going to confuse yourself and stress yourself out.
Ace final Exams
Studying continuously for long can result into confusion.

These are some proven methods that will help you in your final exams. I would wish you luck but with these tips in hand, who needs luck.

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