Once, a small child asked God before he was sent to earth “God, why are you sending me there alone? Who will take care of me? I don’t know anyone there. I will be scared”. To which God replied smilingly “Dear child, do not be afraid. I have sent someone already there who will take good care you, who will keep you warm in cold night and give you shade under the Sun”. Curious child asked again “who will be that person?” God answered looking deep in the eyes of the child “She will be your mother”

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mother. To guide us, protect us and love us from the bottom of her heart. She dedicates her life to her child. For a woman, motherhood is the best phase of her life. Nourishing a child, first in her womb and later in her arms, is something a woman always dreams of. Someone of her own, her own flesh and blood. Therefore, she put all her efforts, love, dreams and everything else in upbringing of her child without expecting anything in return. Mother is a symbol of selfless love. Love, that never ends and cannot be replaced. She is that person who will support you, give you strength and love you, when you are at your lowest and she will always be there when others decide to leave you alone. A mother is a precious gift from God. We haven’t seen God ever but we surely feel his presence in our mothers. They say “there aren’t any hood like motherhood” which is very true that only a woman can understand. Coursing through so many emotions and after taking so much pain, a woman gives birth to a child and finds all the pains worth it. A woman becomes mother the moment she realises there is a tiny life budding in her womb and from there starts a never ending journey of motherhood. From birth to adolescence a child observes his mother assuming different role to give best life to him. It doesn’t matter to her if she is ill, she would still stand up and fulfil the needs of her child. One wonders where does she get so much of strength? Her strength resides in the smile of her child. She would do anything and go to any extent to keep her child happy.

A friend, philosopher and guide all rolled in one. We should feel blessed we have mothers to take care of us. A soul anchor whom we always come back to when we are need a break from these worldly affairs. And she receives us with open arm. She is our home, a place where we forget all our miseries. A child must always remember the sacrifice done by his mother in bringing him up. He may not be able to repay that but he must do efforts to keep his mom happy and her happiness lies in her child alone. You don’t need to buy her gift as she already considers you the biggest gift from the God. A phone call, a surprise visit and you calling her mom these are the things she lives for. Never take your mother for granted for she is the only person who will never leave your side and always be there for you.

Mother day 2019

This mother’s day when you visit her, don’t forget to tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Her happiness would know no bounds. For us she is reflection of God and must always be worshipped.

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