The accelerated rise of international students in Australian universities has resulted in degradation of education quality. Though, universities generate a large amount of revenue from international candidates but it results in decrease of overall quality of education.

Australia has always remained an important spot for international students to obtain degrees. This is due to the fact that Australian degrees are recognized in whole world. Also, the nation is popular for support and services for students from other countries.

As per several reports related to education in Australia, there is around 13 times rise in the number of international students in Australia during last 26 years. Business schools in Australia are major attraction for students from around the globe especially Asia.


Role of Agents:

Various agents are paid up to 20 percent of a year’s tuition fees by the universities for admission of international students. So, in order to receive the commission, they use deceitful methods like fake documents of the students to ensure they get admission in the respective university. They even assist students to pass entrance tests through corrupt methods. This way several non-deserving candidates become part of the reputed Australian universities.

Other Issues Causing Damage to Education:

Some other problems which persist in Australian education include:

  • Use of unfair means to clear English language proficiency tests
  • Bribery to clear various administrative formalities
  • Overcrowding in classrooms due to large number of international students
  • Cheating in academic examinations
  • Recruiting of too many students in the universities by the International student office staff

These issues arise because Australian education system is finding it difficult to balance between commercial sides of education with the standards of education.

It is said that English language becomes major struggle for international students. This had lead universities to decrease the requirements of English language inappropriately to accommodate more students than the competitive universities.

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