Focus on Revenue is Diluting Education Quality in Australia

Focus on Revenue is Diluting Education Quality in Australia

Australia consistently ranks among the top three nations in the world for providing the best educational services. The education system in Australian Universities is highly organized, disciplined, and well-structured. These qualities put it at the front of the line. 

However, the accelerated surge in international students in universities has somehow resulted in degrading education quality. However, universities generate significant revenue from international students through college application fees, tuition fees, etc. Although the enrollment of international students is increasing, according to recent reports from OECD Program, the overall quality of education is decreasing.

Admission and fee structure of top Australian universities in the year 2023

Australian Universities have always remained a prominent destination for international students to obtain degrees. It is because Australian degrees are well-recognized around the globe. 

Also, the nation is famous for its support and services to students from other countries. Students across the globe want to be enrolled here to get excellent education facilities. 

According to data provided by the Australian government, in January 2023, a massive rise in the number of students taking admissions to Australian universities has been observed. 

Educational facilities in Australia are reasonable and economical, and some colleges do not charge application fees either. Here, we are providing a list of top colleges with no application fees -

  1. University of South Australia

  2. Victoria University

  3. Charles Darwin University

  4. Bond University

  5. Central Queensland University

  6. University of Notre Dame Australia

  7. RMTI University

These are some most prominent and best Universities in Australia who does not require any application fees. More than 59000 international students enrolled for different courses in January 2023. 

The increase is recorded as 11% from the previous year. Here is a list of fees structure and scholarships of the 5 best universities in Australia in 2023 are -

top universities in australia

As per several reports related to education in Australia, there has been around a 13 times rise in the number of international students in Australia during the last 26 years. Business schools affiliated with Popular Universities in Australia are significant attractions for students from around the globe, especially in Asia.  

What are the expected reasons for the degradation of education quality?

Earlier in the 1980s, the main focus of the colleges was not only to educate students and get them employed but also to develop students' reasoning, critical, and analytical skills. These skills help students to think out of the box to solve any problem. However, now the main focus of students and universities is only to get employed. Due to the increase in international students, the issues like racism, conflicts, inequality, etc., arise more often. All these problems have a severe impact on the educational system of the universities in Australia. Some other issues which persist in Australian education include

  • Use of unfair means to clear English language proficiency tests.

  • Bribery to clear various administrative formalities.

  • Overcrowding in classrooms due to a large number of international students.

  • Cheating in academic examinations.

  • Recruiting too many students in the universities by the International student office staff leads to issues like growing inequality and discontent among teaching staff and native students.

  •  It is distracting the whole system from the principle objectives and education teaching.

Universities in Australia are also facing a severe imbalance between the commercial side of education and the education standards. Some colleges charge too much college application fees and tuition fees. This results in a larger intake of students that affects the quality of education. 

Agents play an essential role in counselling students for different courses. They assist and provide advice and information to the students about the admission process, fee structure, and other details about foreign exchange programs.

Agents are paid some percentages of college admission fees and up to 20 per cent of a year's tuition fees by the universities for admission of international students. But incidents are also reported where they are accused of using malpractice to receive the commission. 

They used underhanded methods like fake documents of the students to ensure they got admission to the respective university. They even assist students in passing entrance tests through corrupt practices. This way, several non-deserving candidates become part of the best universities in Australia.

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