Time To Put The Old To The Side And Focus On The New Year (2017)

Time To Put The Old To The Side And Focus On The New Year (2017)

Welcome to the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. It’s been a great year, with many great things that have happened. Starting from the Syrian crisis and ending with Carrie Fisher’s death, we have seen a lot this year.

There was no year in the past with the same number of events 2016 has seen.

Let’s Talk About It.

Political News:

We’ll start by north Korea spreading the word that they have developed a thermonuclear weapon, putting the developed nations on red alert. Nothing much has happened thus far, hopefully won’t happen soon.

Syria had a major civil war crisis that sent half of its citizens out of the country looking for a new place to live. It was a bad time for them, but thankfully other countries are letting them in.

A popular news became Britain opting out of the European union. Many well thought memes were made after this incident, and gratefully the prime minister was supported by the citizens.

Wikileaks made a few major black marks in the 2016 calender, with NSA leak, the Clinton leak and the Panama paper leak. The information on how the NSA was monitoring every mail and message we send and have sent. Nothing was private and everything was being read by a third person.

Information about how Clinton and her staff was being supported and financed by the Russians, how Clinton had been using the government mail as her private mail and also asking if she could drone a person. Clinton needs to cool down.

The last major leak was about the Panama papers, which showed the number of people who had hidden their black money in tax havens like British virgin islands, Switzerland and Cyprus. This was considered the biggest leak regarding money.

And to end this- Donald Trump became president. Believe it or not, this was the most awaited news and the most heart breaking news for people. Still, there are people who believe that some good will come out of it. God bless America.

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One Of The Biggest News In 2016 Was The Winning Of Donald Trump

Celebrity World

The amount of deaths this year has given us, saddens me to the core. There were many legends that died this year, and there are even many who have survived. Celebrities who died started from David Bowie and ended with Carrie Fisher. These celebrities lived a great life, acted in great movies, sang great heartwarming songs and were taken to a better place. We still have celebrities with us whom we should cherish before they go abruptly.

Let’s name a few who left us:

  • Alan Rickman – famous for his role in Harry Potter.
  • Robin William – a legendary comedian.
  • David Bowie – a great music sensation, who helped develop rock and pop.
  • Prince – the ever changing and ever flamboyant musical artist.
  • George Michael – a singer with heart touching voice.
  • Abe Vigoda – a long faced and talented actor. He acted in the Godfather.
  • Doris Roberts – the mother of Raymond from, everyone loves Raymond.
Robin Wiliiams End- EssayCorp
With All The Ups And Downs In 2016, We Have Lost The Famous Robin WIlliams Who Have Worked In Movies Like Jumanji, Night At The Museum.

The World of Technology.

Technology had no less surprises in store. We had the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus which sadly did not have an earphone jack, but on the other hand were thinner than before and the 7 plus had two cameras. So, we lost something, but gained something even better.

Samsung launched its new note, called it note 7 instead of Samsung note fire. Samsung had to call all its phones back because they could not solve the fire issue. Guess the phone was too hot. (Pun intended)

A New Year Begins.

This ends the old year where the world saw a lot, mostly bad things. The next year will hopefully be better and bring about more joyfull news.

There is a saying that goes like this,

“Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.”

― Becca Fitzpatrick

So, this years down; we can get up, dust off what has happened and move towards the new light of 2017.

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