Flipped Classroom – An Overview

Flipped Classroom

The phrase “flipped classroom” has become the latest buzz word and trend in education sector.

Flipped classroom is an avenue that comprises the restructuring of what transpires in class and extraneous of class time. Flipped classroom can be defined as the approach of making students learn and enhance their knowledge outside the books and classroom. In flipped classroom students are made acquainted and familiar to analyze the assigned content at home and practicing it at school.

In this synthesized approach of learning. Direct interaction is blended with liberated study through the help of technology. During this approach students tend to view the prior downloaded videos at home, apprehend it a bit after that they come to school to solve the questions regarding to that particular piece of work. In this way they tend to earn at least the backdrop information and knowledge regarding a specific topic.

Concept Of Flipped Classroom

concept of flipped classroom

The concept emphasizes on a fresh approach of distribution and circulation of information. The concept initiated with the devoir to attain progressive outcomes in the process of learning by furnishing the essential and significant study material before the lecture. In simpler terms we can apprehend the concept of flipped classroom as a process where the students are provided with effective study material through online resources such as video lectures, notes etc. so that students can prepare and skim the topic in advance. The classroom time comprises of discussions regarding the same topics in a way that student can resolve all the queries and doubts with the teacher. It also involves activities like group assignments, projects, debates etc.

Difference Between Traditional Classroom and Flipped Classroom

There is an immense difference between traditional and flipped classroom. In case of a flipped classroom model the student can access the knowledge directly. He/she does not require any linking in between. On the other hand if we talk about traditional classrooms, students cannot have the immediate or direct passage to the learning. In traditional classrooms the teacher plays the major role by mediating between the students and source of knowledge. The involvement of students is comparatively much higher in case of flipped learning because of the engaging resources of study. This level of involvement and engagement is missing in the traditional classroom approach.

Perks of Flipped Classroom

The benefits of flipped classroom serve both the student as well as the teacher in numerous aspects such as:

  • Flipped classrooms help in accelerating the input level from student’s side. Students feel more occupied and interested in apprehending the topics through online lectures and videos. They tend to get more engaged in this approach of learning as they can instantly grasp the given information as many times as they want.
  • Acceleration in the aspect of teamwork is quite high in case of flipped learning. Students exercise group studies and engage in discussions which stem the habit of teamwork in students. College students are assigned to make group projects in flipped learning approach. It also initiates a sense of soft skills among the students.
  • Students can rewind and pause the lecture whenever they want and can write down the important points and words regarding a specific topic, which is not possible in case of traditional classroom. Flipped classroom enhances the flexibility in learning.
  • Learning becomes easily accessible with flipped classroom. For example if a student is unable to attend the college or lecture because of any reason he or she can easily access the video lecture available to them 24*7. By this approach students can never hamper their learning due to any sudden issue.

The Ultimate Goal of Flipped Classroom Approach

The real aim of flipped classroom is to provide the student full access to the immense bundle of knowledge through e-learning resources. The teacher initiates to provide interesting and engaging passage to distribute the learning content by granting much control to the students in the whole learning approach.

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