EssayCorp Wishes You Happy New Year 2018

EssayCorp Wishes You Happy New Year 2018

Endings are absolutely beautiful as they mark new beginnings and provide you the ability to start the story from a whole new end and to mold it in any direction, whatsoever. There is something extremely alluring about the endings and this is quite evident from the picturesque sights of a sunset. Likewise, today we are bidding adieu to a tremendously memorable year 2017 and welcoming the newbie 2018. Year 2017 was a year full of hope, happiness, a bit of resentment and a loads and loads of experiences. It is that time of the year when you get loaded with a huge amount of messages dropping in your phone full of New Year 2018 wishes.

Happy New Year 2018

Coming to experiences, they are inevitable and tend to teach us something or the other every time. No matter if it was a good experience or a bad one, there is always a valuable experience associated with it and it only helps us to learn and grow. Quite in the same way, every time a year ends and another one starts, we bid adieu to the one leaving and welcome the one we are entering in. New Year blessings generally means that you have learnt a lot from the year going on and are ready to learn even more from the year coming. The New Year eve celebration takes place in every part of the world with a lot of enthusiasm and New Year 2018 wishes all around. In different parts of the world there is a different type of New Year eve celebration. More about New Year 2018 is mentioned in the section of the blog given below.

New Year celebrations Around the World

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Different parts of the world witnesses a different type of New Year eve celebration every year. There are multiple types of traditions adopted by people during the start of a new year. There are different aspects and different attributes associated with the New Year eve celebration in different communities and religions. Hence, there are different types of New Year celebrations around the world. Generally on the New Year eve celebration, there is huge midnight party, hosting an infinitely large group of individuals. A brief introduction about the different types of New Year celebrations around the world is given in the below sections.

Why Do We Eat Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s?

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A New Year eve tradition prevailing in the regions of Southern America is of eating black eyed peas on the New Year’s. Black eyed peas are considered to be a traditional soul food; it is believed that eating them during the New Year eve celebration brings in lot of fortune and prosperity to the life of the person consuming it. The typical preparation of black eyed peas constitute of a pork product like bacon or fatback. It is cooked along with a bit of veggies and sauces as per the choice of the people consuming it. It is traditional belief that the black eyed peas when cooked get swelled up and hence, they signify prosperity. While pork signifies positive motion as the pigs generally root forward while they forage. Therefore, New Year eve celebration takes place in this form in the southern America.

New Year Eve Celebration with Fireworks

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As mentioned above, there are numerous different types of New Year eve celebrations taking around the world. Out of all the much awaited New Year eve Celebrations, the one celebrated in the country of Sydney is extremely renowned. Every year exactly when the clock strikes 12 and the world steps into the New Year, the Sydney Harbor Bridge as well as the Opera House in Sydney witness illuminating fireworks. These fireworks are considered to be the biggest firework show in the entire country and the people usually line up in the areas surrounding the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera house to enjoy the exquisite scenes of the fireworks.

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Apart from Sydney a number of other countries, also step into the New Year with the fireworks and crackers. Rotterdam of Netherlands and Berlin are two of the many countries that include fireworks in their New Year eve celebrations. The Erasmus Bridge present over the Nieuwe Maas River is illuminated with some extremely lit fireworks. Likewise, fireworks and explosion also takes place above the Quadriga sculpture which is located upon the Brandenburg Gate. Toronto in Canada is yet another holiday spot for people who wish to celebrate New Year eve in abroad. During the New Year eve, there is an extremely alluring explosion of crackers over the waterfront located in Toronto. The explosion of fireworks over the Toronto’s waterfront is one of the most eminent New Year eve celebrations all over the world.

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New Year comes in with a number of attributes like different types of unique New Year’s resolutions, New Year’s traditional food, New Years Eve party, multiple New Year wishes for friends and family and the innumerable New Year blessings. People in different parts of the world have a gala time during the New Year eve celebrations and it is the time when friends and family come together. There is a joy that fills every soul and make them ecstatic about the celebrations. So, on an ending note, the entire team of EssayCorp wishes one and all a very happy New Year 2018.  We, wish to see you grow and evolve better in life through a better education and our academic assistance.

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