Being at home I only wondered how best I can utilize the time from my sabbatical. I read books, cooked new food, went for certificate courses, pursued gardening, traded in stocks, watched TV, movies, shows (Best time Killer !!!), learned car driving, went Zumba dancing, ironed every piece that was called cloth, cleaned a tidy house again and did unlimited other unwanted activities.. I am sure you all must be mused on how many things I have undertaken. But honestly all these activities had only taken care of my short term boredom. The next big thing happened with me when my school friend had a similar situation and she wrote GMAT and joined an Executive MBA program in a Management school. I was super excited and researched all the details of preparation. I was struck by a thunderbolt of syllabus which is so extensive and so massive that I took a sigh and opted out.

Subjective Supposition
Clearly there needs to be a lot of preparation in terms of case studies, quantitative analysis, data interpretation, letter of recommendations and most important of all “Essay writing”. Current day academics had undergone a metamorphic change in terms of assessment criteria’s, student awareness levels, student’s perspective and their style of understanding a topic/subject. In totality assessment gates are flooded with “Theory of perspective/facts/opinion” which reflects in the essays. Hence essays have taken a central stage in academics. We often come across essays being part of academic writing, admission criteria’s, research paper writing and business assertions.

Elephantine Essay’s
Considering the complex and multidimensional subjects of essays, it would take forever to complete and conclude. Also there is a need to ascertain our facts with strong evidence, back our perspective with proof and substantiate our opinion with clear rationality. It is also necessary to prove our stance on a particular topic and cite examples relevant to the subject. All these would require thorough research and often time consuming.Many times simple material facts may not be sufficient to write an essay, it may take articulation, phrasing and orchestration of words to make sense of the exact point. Also it is very important not to lose the focus on the central subject of the essay.

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