ER- Diagrams And Its Benefits

ER- Diagrams And Its Benefits

Multiple models are utilized in software engineering to ease the programming or database design. One such model is the entity-relationship (ER) model/diagram, a data model used to represent the information or data aspects that are abstractly related to a business.

Peter Chen was the person behind the development of ER diagrams.


Levels of ER Models:

Three levels related ER diagrams include:

  • Conceptual Data Model – It provides information on what will be part of a model set, making it the highest-level ER model.
  • Logical Data Model – It is a detailed form of ER model that helps establish a relationship between data entities.
  • Physical Data Model – The physical data model is highly detailed, allowing a database to be produced.

Benefits of ER Diagram:

The ER diagram is trendy as it carries multiple benefits, which include:

  • Efficient communication: It allows the readers to understand the relationship among different fields effectively. Symbols are utilized to represent information effectively and help comprehend the working of the database.
  • Visual representation: The data-flow diagrams and ER diagrams can effectively represent the layout visually.
  • Easy understanding: Due to the ease of performance associated with a design using ER diagrams, it can be represented to the concerned people for confirmation. Also, changes can be made effectively based on the suggestions.
  • Highly Flexible: The ER diagram can effectively establish and derive relationships from existing ones. Mathematical formulas and relational tables can be used for performing this operation.

Online ER Tools:

There are multiple tools available online related to the creation and editing of ER models, which include:

  • Pony ORM allows users to generate database tables using Pony ORM and ER diagrams.
  • Edra Soft – Helps in the creation of EM diagrams quickly.
  • Draw – Helps in drawing flow charts, network and ER diagrams effectively.
  • ERD Plus – It can create star and relational schemas along with ER diagrams.
  • Lucidchart – Allows users to import database structure for effective process automation.
  • ERDiagrams – They can be used to download ready-to-use ER diagrams free of cost.

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