Emerging Issues in Global Education System

Global Education System

Higher education is not only an inseparable part of this world but one of the major needs too. Getting a good job and most importantly knowledge about particular matters can be derived from these organizations. It is important to understand that this section has its own market and also receives some downfall and rise in the market. The way it is progressing in the end of the day higher education will only be approachable by higher economy class people only. In this section you will find a detailed discussion on the aspects that are needed to be regulated for a better future of all the students not of a particular group.

Rising Cost

It is seen that the countries that claim themselves to be economically strong are facing the issue in a broader extent. Education is almost priceless but the colleges need to understand that they should give support to the people who are willing to make a start. The rise of education related cost is reaching sky and it is a major threat for any one. In this manner higher education will only be restricted to the upper class and the worse scenario facers will be the middle class people. It is important to understand that the global market is a place which cannot be controlled by anyone. In order to be in the competition the colleges and universities have to make technical upgrades and for that they need revenue and there is no option for them rather than going for the price increase method.

Completion Rate Declining

A huge decline is spotted in many countries in case of completing the university education. It is a threat for the future because due to financial problem the students are not able to complete further study in colleges and universities. In the long run the entire country is going to face the issues that are related to it. Apart from that the major impact is blown on the middle class people for whom the degree is the only key towards success. It is important to understand that a continuous motivation is needed in order to complete the university life because a degree from reputed organizations can give better job opportunity and stability in future. It is a shame to say that less than fifty percent of the students complete their degree and in the long run it harms the companies that are looking for skilled professionals.

Privatization of Universities

In the recent years the funding system of universities have drastically failed and in the long run the continuity of this methodology is vivid. It is necessary to go for the suitable option and this is the reason why the students. The universities don’t have any choice because they are relying on the funds. If the main source of fund is not promising enough money then it is important for them to go for an alternative. There is a drawback too and that is sudden decline in the profitability ratio. For better future one student will definitely go for the option which gives him a full function service. In order to make better business the universities are collaborating different streams in a single one. The profitability may be increasing but the learning rate is going deeper and deeper.

New Methodology Adaptation

Taking something new under consideration is not an option and for that reason it is highly important to understand that the people who are teaching are aware of the recent trend that is running wild. Now the students are mainly focusing on their self-development and in the long run it is going to be a good thing for them. The students and the professors should have a good combination of understanding and in the long run they will get better outcome than their expectation. The new methods of teaching may become a reason to worry for the teachers. It is an entirely new thing that is being introduced to them at the end of their career. The incorporation of understanding the needs and then delivering the content is clashing in several cases. This kind of abnormality is highly malicious for a proper development of students and in a passive manner for the universities too.

Free Speech Deficiency

In university students and professors should have the right to speak freely in a university and it is the most basic criterion. Free speech and thinking has often given birth to revolutions that have changed the world. University is the perfect place for admiring and executing these things. Free speech leads to thinking and this brings new ideas and art in reality. In the recent context many universities are taking the right back from the students by giving an excuse of avoiding clashes among the people in the system. There was never any kind of issues regarding free speaking but in the current context some universities are becoming rational in their opinion of free speech banning. They are saying that in order to retain a safe and secure environment it is highly necessary. In the long run it is going to be a major threat for them. Students love freedom and choking them and stopping them from speaking will definitely bring more menace to the institutions.

In case of providing assignments the universities are practicing dictatorship. There is no problem because there are institutions like Essaycorp who can take the matter into their hand and provide the best assignment possible but what about the other factors. It is a clumsy situation for any student but it is important to remember that they have to take part in development of their country. Essaycorp is helping by providing the best service possible by completing the assignments. Apart from that the institutions need to listen to the mass demand because their stakeholders need profit and it can only be attained if they listen to the people about their demands. Other than the issues will always prevail.


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