Described in simple or the most layman language, Information Technology is the application of digital equipment such as computers and processors in order to process, transmit and manipulate data. But the hardware alone cannot achieve this task.

For this purpose we need Software’s to be able to process and transmit this data.

IT and its Applications

An application is a set of programs which are designed to carry out specific tasks. The most common examples of such applications can include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or Adobe.

But IT can be used by various professionals to design specific or custom applications in order to achieve tasks of a personal nature.

For example, Computer Aided Design or CAD is a popular IT Application which is extensively used by Engineers and Fashion Designers all over the world. These applications help the user in saving extensive amount of time, which is required to develop the product manually.

Following are some detailed descriptions of various IT Applications and their classification based on their usage:

1) Rich Client Applications: These applications function on the ability to leverage the resources of the client. These applications provide a highly responsive and interactive platform resulting in a rich-user experience for those applications which are used on both online and offline basis. These applications are useful only if :

  • It will used on PCs.
  • The user requires extensively interactive environment.
  • The interface required is interactive without rich media graphics
  • The resources of the Client PC have to be utilized

2) Application Suite: This so-called Suite is a group of various smaller applications clubbed together to form a combo or a set with various unique applications. Eg. Microsoft Suite contains applications like MS excel and MS Word. Different versions of these applications are used by different users eg. Professionals, Students, Housewives etc.

3) Media Development Applications: These softwares help in producing digital and print media which are demanded by users other than the developer. The developer can be a Designer or an Architect who would design a plan or a blueprint for his/ her employer, if he is employed or for his client, if he is the business owner. The end-user, instead of using the application, uses the end product created by the application. For example, a web developer uses HTML editors to design a website for his client who operates an online retail store. The TML EDITOR would become the application and the retail owner would be the end-user in this case.

4) Web Services: These services are applications which provide services to other web applications in order to function effectively. For example, is a web server which provides services of web search for its other applications search as Google Spreadsheets.

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These are some of the most common applications which are used by developers all over the world. But these applications can be customized and used in case the scale of operations is less. For example, Mobile Applications, where the application consists of multiple layers of different applications and provides a rich user interface on handheld devices such as Mobiles, Smartphones and other handheld devices.

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