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Business Development Assignment

What is Business Development?

The profile of a business developer is an all-encompassing one. These professionals are responsible for the overall development of businesses, ranging from product development to marketing. 

People often complicate business development with marketing. The latter is not synonymous with the former but a part of it. Marketing focuses on the demand side of the business, while business development focuses on both the demand and supply sides.

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Business development aims for revenue growth, market outreach, high profitability, and strategic partnerships, among other areas, for comprehensive business development.

Fields Related to Business Development

Being all-inclusive, business development encompasses all the fields related to business activities, ranging from production to marketing and sales. 

Some of the prominent areas of working in business development are:

  • Sales: This area focuses on increasing the customer base for the products and services of a business. It targets mainly a specific market, like India for Facebook, or a particular population, like children for kinder joy.

  • Marketing: It supplements the sales section by increasing the market outreach of products and services. Here, the target is not a specific market or population but is general. It requires more budget than sales and covers more geographies and people.

  • Partnership: Partnerships are concerned with strategic partnerships and alliances based on mutual benefits. Here, all the partners are benefited. For example, for-profit organizations partner with non-profit organizations for a social cause where the former sells its products and helps needy people.

  • Product Management: Product management maintains the production side of the business. It ensures that the cost of production is held within a specific range so that the company earns the highest possible profit. Besides that, it also deals with the regulatory standards that have to be maintained.

  • Vendor Management: This section of business development deals with shipping, transportation, and retail partners. Vendor management maintains the relationship of business with delivery associates and sales partners. It is necessary for the consistent growth of the company.

  • Networking and Lobbying: Networking and lobbying maintain the relationship management of businesses with different stakeholders like shareholders, customers, dealers, and government agencies.

Business Development as Academic Discipline

Business development is a part of Management. Here, students are taught to acquire the knowledge and skills required for enhancing outreach and increasing the profitability of businesses. Under this course, the core concepts of the market are taught, and in-depth knowledge of all the business factors, both the demand and supply side, is acquired.

During their academic period, students craft numerous assignments and projects. These assignments and projects showcase their knowledge and compatibility. Based on these assignments, their results are prepared. Thus, business development assignments form the core of business development studies.

Problems in Crafting Business Development Assignments

The business assignments demand in-depth knowledge of all the concepts of business studies and a complete understanding of markets. The authors of Business development assignments should have a sharp and rational mindset to craft a logically coherent business article. 

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