1.Flock Data Base: The Flock db is an open source or free Database application for managing database based on the graph theory, the most significant feature of this application is it is a fault-tolerant graph database system. Flock db is a distributed graph database. It helps in storing adjacency lists.Flock db2.Graph Data Base : In computer science, the Graph Theory is also used for storing, retrieving and designing query for the Database. Here the Nodes and Edges represent the properties of the Database. The Graph Theory helps in analyzing the relationship and interconnections in the database and this specific branch of Graph Theory. It is also used in defining the Data Mining and warehouse. It helps to design the schema for a complex relationship in an easier way. It is less complex than Relational Database, it allows the simplification of data in a simple way. The Graph Database provides the various methods for retrieval of the data

3.Infinite Graph Data Base: Infinite graph is a graph-oriented enterprise Database application. It is implemented in the Java, it is popular among developers as it helps in finding the undiscovered relationship among the relations in the database. Infinite graph is highly scalable, can work on cross-platform and can work smoothly on cloud environment too. It provides the query using the graph theory.

Flockdb vs Neo4j

Flockdb vs neo4j- EsaayCorp1.Flock Data Base Github: Flockdb is an integral part of the Github, largest online technical open source community. Through Github, it provides the facility for developers to develop new applications. It also provides online discussion board and technical support too.  

Flock db github

2.Twitter Gizzard : Twitter not only uses the Flockdb but also helps in promoting the Flockdb, it uses the flockdb to solve the relationship among the tweets, Twitter has developed the online community –Gizzard Framework and uses the framework to query the flockdb.

Flockdb vs Orientdb

As we have mentioned above the Flockdb is a graph-oriented database, Oriented DB is also graph database. It provides the graphical distributed graphical engine with facility of document database. It is considered to be the best no scalable database application using nosql. Unlike Flockdb  the Orientdb has capability of spanning over multiple servers as well multilevel replication. It follows the ACID Rule of database transaction, it also provides the feature of Database teleporter, through which easily the databases in Sql, Oracle, MYSQL  to Oriented DB .

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