Challenges Faced by Nursing Graduates While Accomplishing their Courses!!

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According to facts and figures from the World Health Organization, the percentage of nurses around the globe is about 59% of the entire healthcare industry. That means it is approximately 28 million in number. Furthermore, there is still a need for more nurses in the industry. The reason behind this is an increasing number of patients daily. Hence, there is always a high demand for nurses in the health industry. It creates a huge opportunity for students who want to enter the medical industry. Therefore, numerous scholars choose nursing courses in their academic year to get a better future in their area of interest.

Nursing is a field that needs both theoretical and practical knowledge to handle patients with ease. Several institutions serve teenagers with various nursing courses at different levels throughout the globe. Moreover, thousands of scholars enrol in these programs to complete their nursing certifications from the best universities. But, studying the  nursing program is a complicated task as learners have to face enormous obstacles to complete the course successfully. Consequently, scholars must sacrifice their convenience level to assist the patients with their best care. In this article, we will learn about nursing grads' challenges while completing their education.

Restraints that Make Nursing Grads Suffer from their Health During Clinical Practice

Nursing students overcome several obstacles that make them suffer for their education and health. They need to maintain themselves to overcome the worst circumstances. In the following section, we have mentioned some challenges that Nursing learner faces while pursuing their certifications:

  • Expenses of Curriculum: Studying nursing is not a fair matter. It requires a lot of money to complete the course. One needs to pay a sum of approximately AUD 120,000 for the entire program of 3.5 years. This amount includes books, equipment, fees, and other curriculum expenses.
  • Course Structure: The nursing curriculum includes the theoretical part and considers practical aspects. Scholars need to qualify for several exams to enhance their knowledge practically. These practice exams will intensify their skills and expertise in all aspects of nursing.
  • Work-Social Life Balance: As a nurse, one must work closely with doctors. They must be actively involved in the patient's conditions to know more about their health history and make them feel comfortable. Therefore, they are unable to maintain a balance between their work life and social life. Due to this, they get frustrated and depressed.
  • Hectic Schedule: Nurses work on a very bustling schedule. Sometimes, nurses work more than 16 hours in the clinic/hospital without rest. This hectic schedule makes them suffer from sleeplessness and creates insomnia.
  • Expectations: Doctors expect a lot from their nurses. They create an additional burden on their shoulders and provide them with more responsibilities. It is the reason why nurses get anxious about their duties.
  • Unrealistic Demands: Sometimes, the patient's family creates unworkable demands from the nurses because they get emotional. In this situation, they must work with patience and calmness to care for their people.

There are many more challenges that nursing graduates face. These hurdles are the ones that they overcome during their professional behaviour or clinical experience. These challenges make them suffer from several matters, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and many more.

Challenges Faced by Students during their Theoretical Understanding

Nursing graduates face numerous challenges when they start to write their assignments. They have to write the assessments after proper research and detailed information. But, they need to do homework more precisely to score an A+ in academics. Because students get involved with their external work and cannot draft their writing works. Here are some reasons why they are unable to complete their assignments:

  • Students can only write their assessments if they engage with their practical work. Hence, these practical tasks take all their time, making the students suffer from their academic results.
  • Scholars need help managing their time between several tasks like clinical work, writing assignments, theoretical classes, and practice experiences. Therefore, they are only able to submit their assessments after the deadline.
  • They have to write tasks such as homework, dissertation, thesis, and case study. Students need to understand the medical history of the patient properly. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why they put inaccurate information in their assessments.
  • Students may need more, like research skills, writing skills, and medical knowledge. These skills are the mandatory ones that are required to pursue the course with expertise.
  • Nursing graduates of some universities need to develop knowledge regarding medical equipment. However, they need clarification while learning about these machines, creating a deduction in their grades.
  • Students need help understanding some factors of this domain, like nursing terminologies, sources of information, rules, and regulations for writing the assessments and university guidelines.

Professional Assistance to Nursing Graduates

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