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Importance of Work-life balance

Work-life balance is the idea according to which people should have a well-balanced private, professional, and social life. Here the professional and personal lives of the people are considered separate rather than connected and intertwined.

The world we see around us is rapidly changing. With the passage of every second, a new kind of invention is born that changes our way of living. In this super-fast changing world, we often lack a perfectly balanced life.

The pressure of studies, professional lives of people, and time of friends and family all got amalgamated, resulting in confusion and perplexity in how we live. Nowadays, some people get so involved in their work that they almost forget about their families and friends. 

These unbalanced private and professional lives often become so tense that a choice has to be made between the two. And for the sake of living, people mostly, around 90%-95%, choose their professional lives at the cost of their private lives and families.

Need for Work-life Balance

As the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is a social animal.” If someone can live alone without society, he is either a god or a demon. Therefore, we all need others to live.

During our childhood, our parents used to take care of us, and many traditions are such that similar consideration should be given to the parents by children at the time of old age. Even in adulthood, we need family because of the following reasons:

  • Protection: Living in a family gives a feeling of security and protection. Safety and security is the primary reason early humans began living in an organized and civilized environment and forming families, communities, and even nations.

  • Childcare: Family is the first school of a child. Children are taught the ways of living, the norms and customs of society in the family. Traditionally, family members are supposed to make a child a better person and a good community citizen. This practice still prevails in numerous societies, especially African and Asian countries.

  • Source of Livelihood: Families also provide reliable living sources through traditional jobs and employment like farming, fishing, shopkeeping, etc. In case of loss of jobs in new domains, one can approach these ancestral areas to earn their livelihood.

  • Mental Health: Other than providing protection and security, families also offer emotional support to members in case of depression and emotional breakdown. Hence, family is necessary to have strong mental health for a person.

All these requirements explain why we need family and society to live. And thus, it becomes necessary to have a work-life balance for our own satisfaction and betterment.

Difficulties With Work-Life Balance

After understanding the needs and necessities of a perfectly balanced life in personal and professional spheres, we will turn toward the difficulties people face in achieving work-life balance.

  • Life of Professionals: Professionals and blue-collar workers have to spend a large amount of their time in meetings and to deal with the stakeholders like investors, customers, managers, etc. Therefore, they found it extremely difficult to have a balanced life.

  • Students’ Lives: Almost the same amount of time is invested by students in their academic works like assignments, projects, term papers, thesis & dissertations, scholarly homework, etc. Thus, it is difficult for students too to have a well-balanced life.

Tips for Work-Life Balance

It is the right of every person, professional or student, to have a perfectly balanced life. One must do simple tasks and follow tips and tricks to achieve this. These tips and tricks are explained below.

Prioritize your work:

At the beginning of the day, one can list all the tasks they must do during the day. Then allot time to each lesson as per the needs and importance of it and try to complete the job before the associated deadline. In this way, one will feel a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Enjoy the weekends:

You must spend the whole day with your friends and family once a week. Go hiking, trekking, movies, shopping, or anywhere else with your immediate persons. Remember, in a relationship, time is love. So, spend the necessary time with your relatives and friends.

Daily exercise:

 Humans have spent many years doing physical activities like running, hunting, and gathering. Therefore, we historically as well as biologically demand physical stress. Thus, you should extract at least 30 minutes of your day for exercise and yoga.

Make time for yourself: 

A saying goes like this, “If you have not spent at least one hour with yourself, you’ve missed a meeting with an important person.” Hence, it is a must to extract time for yourself and check out your thoughts, health, and overall.

Pick up a job of interest: 

Rather than just doing your work, you must enjoy your work. And this is possible only if someone is in love with their work. Therefore, you must choose the work of your interest only so you don’t get frustrated and pressured while performing it.

Take time Out:

 Cutting ties with the outside world now and then permits us to recuperate from week-by-week pressure and will stream us space for different considerations and thoughts to arise. Unplugging can mean something straightforward, like rehearsing travel contemplation on your day-by-day drive rather than browsing work messages.

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