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Best and worst college majors

When students pass out their schools, they get confused by the options available regarding college majors. Some majors are highly appreciated and yield a stable, promising, and bright future, while others are not considered appreciable.

Choosing a college is life-changing; therefore, a student must choose the best college major to resolve the uncertainties about their future. However, after seeing so many options, students often get confused about what to choose and what to leave.

The Conundrum of Choice- The Best and the Worst

When looking out for a college major, the availability of numerous courses is the primary difficulty students must overcome. Many options include Engineering, Law, Medical, Arts, and more. Students often get perplexed about which one of these is the best for them.

Besides that, a student has to look for many other aspects while sorting out the best and the worst college majors. Some of these aspects are:

  • The financial situation of the student.

  • Possible job opportunities in the respective college major.

  • Enough options for future growth.

  • Stable and continuous finances from the sector in which the major can lead.

  • Availability of nearby colleges for the desired major.

  • Constant availability of classes in the college.

  • Qualified and knowledgeable professors of the major in the nearby colleges.

  • Academic and non-academic image of the college where a student is trying to enroll.

To bring out the best in them, students must go through all these aspects so that their futures are not compromised by choice.

Best and Worst College Majors

There can be no objective criteria for determining the best and worst college majors. However, based on students’ enrollment, future job opportunities, demands among students, and demands of the subject-graduates, we have tried our best to classify various subjects among these two headlines.

Best College Majors

There are numerous options to choose from for the best college major. Some of these options are explained in detail below:


 Engineering is one of the most opted college majors, especially among male students. Here you are given numerous options like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc. All these domains are highly technical and require exceptional qualities of understanding. Besides that, the field has its imprints on almost all the necessary inventions, from the era of the first printing machine to the period of air-conditioners.


The domain of medicine is highly respected and financially attractive. Many students, especially females, choose nursing and medicine as their college major to have a stable and bright future. Also, doctors are considered equivalent to gods in many countries, especially in Africa and Asia. This kind of respect and acceptance by society also promotes interest in the domain.


The field of Law is among the most opted college majors in today’s world. The rules and regulations of today’s world are very complex and highly intertwined. Their understanding and explanation demand keen skills available only through intensive studies. Therefore, the demand for law graduates and advocates is increasing, making it one of the most lucrative fields.

Banking and Finance: 

The banking domain is growing exponentially today. With the increment of the highly interconnected economy of the world, the banking and finance industry is seeing a boom phase, with some exceptional years like the 2008 recession and the period of COVID. Thus, Banking and Finance is another possible major in which you can prefer to have a bright future.

Social Science: 

Social Science deals with society and related topics like politics, history, philosophy, geography, arts and literature, and some phases of the economy. The field is vast as it touches almost every aspect of human life. Here, students are taught about various social phenomena and the basic concepts and reasons behind them. The field exposes the world's diversity and enhances people’s knowledge about each other to live harmoniously.


Mathematics is considered the language of the Universe. Those who like numbers and want to explore the highly mind-boggling challenges can choose Mathematics as their major. Here, you can become a Professor or a researcher and can even enter the field of Engineering with some knowledge of Physics. The area of Astronomy is also open to mathematicians. Mathematics provides a respectable job and a future full of respect and place among some of the most high-profile people in the world.


Our world is full of diversity. In every region, numerous languages are spoken by these diverse people. And each language has its grammar, vocabulary, and literature. If someone is fond of reading and writing and wants to explore the world of language, they must choose Literature as their college major. You can become a novelist, a content writer, a journalist, and many more by achieving keen writing skills in this field.

Worst College Majors

No college major is worst. Every subject has its pros and cons. However, there are some subjects in which one cannot see a bright distant future, especially from a financial perspective. Therefore, such subjects are not persuaded by students on a large scale. Some of these subjects are:

  • Early Childhood Education.

  • Theology and Religion.

  • Anthropology.

  • Social Services.

  • Leisure and Hospitality.

  • Liberal Arts.

  • Family and Consumer science, etc.

Listing these subjects as the worst college majors does not mean they are inferior to others. But their demands among students, their rate of employment, and their lack of financial stability and continuity are the primary reasons behind this.

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While working on these assignments, students face various challenges:

  • Limitation of resources.

  • Time-Management.

  • Writing problems - spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  • Strict Deadlines.

  • Mental pressure.

  • Emotional breakdowns, and so on.

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