Intellectual Benefit And The Various Means To Learn A New Language

Intellectual Benefit And The Various Means To Learn A New Language.

Learning a new or a second language at any age can be very beneficial to the brain, it’s not me saying! It’s a scientific fact, a research done by Dr. Thomas Bak, a lecturer at Edinburgh’s School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences finds that adults who were proficient in two languages performed much better than the others in attention test and they were much better in concentration than the others.

There are other studies done by some scientists that state that if you learn a new language a part of your brain gets activated that helps you excel more than others.

It has been researched and proven that people who know more than one language have proven benefits in intelligence, memory, and concentration. They also are more immune to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

If you look at the Alzheimer’s chart, it becomes evident, the country where only one language is spoken tops the list. The top five countries on the list are:

So, learning a foreign language not only will help you socialize but it will make you smarter and keep you away from the dreadful disease like Alzheimer’s.Now:

Let Me Guide You Through The Ways to Learn A New Language.

In the today’s blissful world of media and internet, nothing is impossible to access. Learning a foreign language is as easy as tapping on your smartphone or a few clicks on your laptop. And if you are one of those who prefers the conventional way; don’t fret, I am not judging. You could always approach an institute that teaches the language you prefer, one-on-one, or you could hire a personal tutor.

Here, I will explain some of the trending ways to learn a new language, some that I have tried successfully.

  • Mobile Application: This is the most trending and the most efficient way of learning a foreign language. You can access it from anywhere at any time at your own convenience. With the introduction of smartphones, the whole world around us is evolving faster than it probably has in the last thousands of years. Today, our phones are more powerful than the computers we used 10 years back. So, this is a great way to get started with your plan to induce yourself in a foreign language learning plan.
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The Most Trending And The Most Efficient Way Of Learning A Foreign Language- Mobile
  • Chat Rooms: Chat rooms are also a great means, but they require some pre-requisites. To enjoy the knowledge that’s being shared in the chat room, first you need to learn the basics of the language or you would look like dumbstruck. So chat rooms are for those people who know the basics of the language they are trying to learn.


  • Watch Foreign Multimedia: During the initial stage you might not understand a single word, but you must persist and watch the movies and other sources of media in the language you are trying to learn, over time you will see the difference. It will help you with your understanding of the language and your pronunciation; do this in parallel with other methods that teach grammar and vocabulary.
  •  Online Videos: Online videos are a great source to acquire knowledge about the foreign language you are trying to learn; at your own convenience, you can learn one-on-one and have that personal touch with the teacher without being physically present.Watch More Online Videos Of Foreign Language
  • Native Partner: It’s probably the best way to learn a new language; find a girlfriend who is a native to the language you are learning, this can help in many ways as she would not get tired of teaching you as she would have a common interest in you learning the language. A friend will also make do, a native language speaking friend.Find A Girlfriend Who Is A Native To The Language You Are Learning
  •  Language Program Offered by Your College: Almost all the colleges these days offer a variety of foreign languages, they bring in seasoned teachers who are proficient and know the technique to teach a non-native student in the most effective way. So, this is my favorite source of learning, here you can ask queries and they will at most times be answered.

Don’t think anymore, go ahead and induce yourself into one of the above-mentioned programs and apart from learning a new language, reap the benefit of heightened intelligence and stay away from Alzheimer’s disease.

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