Artificial Intelligence - A Detailed Analysis of Its Pros And Cons

Artificial Intelligence

In this era of technology, we have come a long way. Computers, mobiles, the internet, and now the latest to join the league is Artificial Intelligence. Firstly the question arises - what is artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is a term coined long back in 1955. Simply, it means using machine learning and programming to enable machines to think and perform autonomously. Yes, you heard it right. 

Technology has advanced to this level, with programmers and scientists developing software and robots to learn new things and perform specific tasks independently. 

Artificial intelligence is evolving at a fast pace. Every day we hear about a new attribute of this technology. AI programming has touched new heights ever since its inception. 

It is proving to be a boon in several fields. That’s why many scholars are going for courses in artificial intelligence programming. But, before joining the bandwagon, students should weigh its plus and minus points. 

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence 

  1. Efficient and Productive: Through AI, there is the slightest chance of human error as it works autonomously once it is programmed. It gathers all the information from its database and executes the program. Consequently, it results in high efficiency and productivity. It is faster, unlike humans; it doesn’t require any rest. That’s why professionals in different fields use it.
  2. Availability 24/7 - Another aspect of AI is that it can work continuously without any breaks. You can use it at any hour, and it will not complain. AI programming doesn’t get bored of its work; it can perform the same task repeatedly. It will not ask for a week off or doesn’t complain about working at night. As a result, it is beneficial for a business.
  3. Research and Data Analysis - AI makes things much more manageable. It can analyze a humongous amount of data in a few minutes. It helps to track the latest trend worldwide, which is impossible for a human to keep track of.
  4. Quick decision-making - AI can think and act much faster than humans. Because it weighs pros and cons and makes decisions without any emotional intervention, the biggest drawback for humans is their emotional quotient. 
  5. Boon for Health Sector - AI programming is a preferred choice in the health sector due to its high accuracy and quick response time. Doctors took the help of AI to perform complex surgeries—consequently, high precision and improved chance of success. Doctors are using AI even in life-threatening diseases like Cancer. 

Every coin has two sides. Though AI has high usability, it has its problems as well. Scholars who need programming assignment help should know about the risks related to AI to draft an impeccable assignment.

5 Cons Of AI that Humans Are Worried About

  1. Can be highly Expensive: AI is an expensive technology. It requires updation and maintenance from time to time. Due to its complex nature, it needs highly qualified professionals for its upkeep.
  2. Humans can become lethargic: Humans can be highly dependent on AI. As it is easier to complete work with AI assistance. Humans might stop upgrading their skills as they already have all the information available through AI. As a result, they lose their knack for creativity.
  3. Fear of Unemployment: This is the biggest threat of humans against AI. Many organizations are replacing humans for small-scale jobs with AI. For instance, cleaning staff, data entry, and assistants are easily replaceable with AI robotics. 
  4. Lacks Innovative Thinking: Artificial intelligence programming needs more innovative and creative thinking despite being the latest technology. 
  5. Risk to Privacy: It is a threat that every internet user faces. The IT servers collect your data. If someone hacks or breaches the data, it can cause havoc in the life of humans. 

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